Kids haircuts and hairstyles

At the beauty salon "El grial salon" a hair for kids room. Our craftsmen perform children's haircuts and hairstyles in different types and length of hair boys and girls. Young visitors are always welcome in our cosy atmosphere.

Childrens haircuts in the salon Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Childrens haircuts: Girls under 8 years
Correction bangs 3
Haircut (one length) 7
Haircut (short hair) 7
Haircut (medium hair) 10
Haircut (long hair) 13
Evening hairstyle 20
Evening hairstyle (from 40 cm) 30
Wrapping the hair on the tongs
short hair 10
medium hair 13
long hair 15
Netting 1 колосок 5
Rhinestones (6PCs) 5
Childrens haircuts: Boys to 8 years
The haircut 1 the nozzle 3
Haircut two nozzles 5
Haircut model 10
Creative cutting 13
Edging 4
Pattern 2

In children it is difficult to understand, what is so important about a haircut. Children do not wish to waste time visiting a Barber shop. Instead of going to the master they are ready every second to hold exciting games or knowledge of the world. Therefore, we have created conditions in hairdressing room for children, they are always fun.

Haircuts for kids in the cabin Grail

Childrens haircuts: Features

We are of the opinion, that clip of the kid in the barbershop can 3 years. Regular visits of the wizard allows you to monitor the hair, facilitates care in the home, makes them strong and healthy.

Children's haircuts have to like a child. Depending on the age and length of hair we choose the optimal hairstyle. Model options haircuts involve creative and customized solutions. Boys can offer short sports options, shaved whiskey and the back of the head, shaved patterns. Girls are suitable hairstyles medium length, which are easy to care.

Baby pricesnike inside the Grail

Barber is not only a place, where they make good haircuts. It is here that the child learns to be beautiful and to care for themselves, begins to understand fashion trends and begins to choose for himself the images.