Vacuum back massage

Beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante offers a wide range of beauty services. Here you can do cupping or hardware roller-vacuum back massage.

Name of service Min. Price, €.
Relaxation massage body 60 40
Relax head massage + neck + face 30 20
Anti-cellulite massage shared (Course 10 procedures 350 Euro) 60 40
Plasticizing facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 150 Euro) 30 20
Lymphatic drainage facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Back massage (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Massage neck – neck area 30 20
Hand massage. Contracture of the shoulder and elbow 30 20
Foot massage lymphatic drainage. 45 30
Foot massage anticelulitni 45 30
Massage lumbar- sacral area 30 20
Lymphatic drainage massage total 60 40
Honey massage of the feet 45 30
Honey massage of the abdomen 30 20
Honey back massage 30 20
Honey massage of problem areas 30 20
Hot stone massage (Hot Stone) 60 40

This type of massage is very effective for weight loss, and also indicated for athletes and people with chronic fatigue syndrome. It causes active blood flow to the affected area, enhancing lymphatic drainage and improving overall skin tone.

Vacuum hardware back massage in the Grail salon

Vacuum back massage is an excellent method of rehabilitation therapy. It helps repair damaged tissue, muscles and promotes the flow of nutrients into the body (prostaglandins, acetylcholine, histamine, etc.). As a result of vacuum exposure, waste and toxins are removed, The overall tone and immunity of the body increases.

We offer the following back massage methods:, both manual and hardware canning. The first is carried out using special vacuum cans, the second - a vacuum cupping device for massage. Both methods are highly effective, are in demand today and safe for health.

Vacuum back massage: indications for use

  • Presence of scars on the back.
  • Overweight, swelling, loose skin.
  • Dryness and flaking of the skin.
  • Metabolic disorders in the body.
  • Sleep disorder, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, stress.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Respiratory diseases, etc..

Vacuum back massage is carried out under the guidance of professional massage therapists, having rich experience. Wellness treatment aimed at relaxation, activation and self-healing of the body.