Nose piercing

The beauty salon "El grial salon" offers its services to the residents of Alicante. Our specialists perform safe, painless and beautiful nose piercing.

Nose piercing inside the Grail
Name of service Price, RUB.
Replacement earrings – Replacing earrings 10
Eyebrow piercing – Eyebrow piercing 15
Lip piercing – Lip piercing 15
Catheter piercing without earring (secondary) – Piercing with catheter without earring (secondary) 10
Nose piercing (catheter) – Nose piercing (catheter) 15
Nose piercing (with a pistol) – Nose piercing (pistol) 10
Navel piercing – Navel piercing 15
Piercing septum – Piercing septum 15
Ear piercing 1 ear (piss) – ear piercing 1 ear (lobe) 10
Ear piercing 2 ear (piss) – Ear piercing 2 ears (lobe)/td> 15
Industrial ear piercing 1 ear – Industrial ear piercing 1 ear 25
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (catheter) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (catheter) 20
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (a gun) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (pistol) 15
Tongue piercing – Tongue piercing 15

The puncture may be located in different places, to affect the skin, and cartilage. Depending on this nose piercing is divided into types:

  • the "bridge" on the bridge of the nose (vertical or horizontal);
  • puncture tip at the inner upper part of the nostrils;
  • "Austin Bar" — a horizontal puncture tip without damaging the cartilage;
  • piercing the nose wings (nostrils) single or multiple;
  • "septum" — pierced nasal septum, the decoration is on the upper lip;
  • puncture the bottom side of the tip of the nose.

The ornaments are used as cloves, microlibrary from hypoallergenic materials.

When you can not do nose piercing, how to care for the puncture site?

The procedure is contraindicated in persons:

  • with severe congenital and acquired pathologies of the internal organs (renal and heart failure);
  • blood diseases (anemia, leukemia, the clotting);
  • skin diseases;
  • allergic pathologies (bronchial asthma);
  • seizures or epilepsy;
  • allergic to metals;
  • a tendency to keloid scars;
  • diabetes;
  • hepatitis;
  • take hormonal drugs.

After the nose piercing wound to be treated with antiseptic, does not contain alcohol. Jewelry should not touch the hands and apply on the skin located around the cosmetics. Permanent earring or stud can be inserted after complete healing, as a rule, it comes on 2-4 weeks after nose piercing. To make a new puncture is better after, how to heal previous.

Puncture of the nose inside the Grail

Clients of the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante are in the process of a nose piercing without the pain and complications. Experts use sterile tools and disposable materials, provide recommendations for the care of a puncture.