Day makeup

Beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante offers a wide range of facial care services. Makeup artists will perform high-quality daytime makeup with increased durability.

Daytime makeup for brunettes at the GRAIL beauty salon

Such makeup will always “work” for your image and create an extremely pleasant impression on others.

Name of service Price, €.
Day makeup 50
Evening makeup 75
Wedding makeup 100

Salon specialists are experienced makeup artists, who know all the nuances of applying and shading decorative cosmetics. Thanks to a special technique for creating daytime makeup, your face will instantly transform and look fresh throughout the day.. We use professional durable products, which do not cause allergies.

Day makeup: Specifics

Daytime makeup is one of the most difficult to perform.. It requires creating a completely natural look with minimal use of bright accents.. The look should be expressive, face - rested and fresh. It is not easy to achieve such an effect, because it is required, so that foundations and correctors are invisible on the face. In daytime makeup, it is important to choose the right palette of decorative cosmetics, to highlight facial features. Besides, you need to know how to choose shades of foundation, blush and eye shadow, which will be in harmony with the type of appearance, not old you. Daytime makeup is designed for natural light, therefore, it is important to use the most natural color palette of cosmetics.

Daytime makeup in the beauty salon "GRAIL"

This type of makeup will require a high degree of professionalism., ability to choose wisely, mix and apply shades. In this case, any dark accents on the face are strictly excluded., sharp lines and color transitions. The motto of daytime makeup is tenderness and weightlessness.. That's why he transforms his face, makes it healthy and fresh.

Daytime makeup at the GRAIL salon

If you want to look perfect, like you've just returned from vacation, A competent make-up will help you in the beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante .