Peeling feet

Dry and rough skin on the feet, shins and knees makes life difficult for many women and men. To solve this problem, try a foot peeling at the El Grial salon in Alicante.

Foot peeling at the Grail salon
Name of service Price, €.
Gen. Husband.
Classic pedicure; (manual handling of nails and cuticles) 30 35
Pedicure; (foot + fingers) 30 35
Combined pedicure; (hardware + manual) 30 35
SPA pedicure: (hardware + manual pedicure + care + paraffin) 45 55
Pedicure Women's coated Varnish 35
Pedicure for women with Gel Polish coating 40
Partial pedicure (foot treatment) 15 20
Partial pedicure (treatment fingers) 20 20
Treatment of ingrown nail 10 15
SPA treatment for feet (scrub, mask, cream, massage) 15 20
Paraffin feet (antiseptic + cream) 15 20
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel 25
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel (French) 30
Three-phase varnishing (base, lacquer, drying) 1 tone 10
Varnish (base, lacquer, drying) (French) 15
Gel nail Polish; shellac (1 tone) 15
Gel nail Polish, shellac (French) 20
Ombre color stretching; (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Mirrored pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Moon pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Removing shellac, gel polish. 10
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones (decoration) 2
Removing gel polish and shellac before new coating! 0

Feet and legs are exposed to a lot of stress every day. On the joints, bones and muscles bear the entire weight of our body. Uncomfortable shoes impair blood circulation and put pressure on the skin. Synthetic materials (tights, socks, shoes and boots) interfere with normal oxygen supply.

Foot peeling rejuvenates and heals the skin. During the procedure, the top layer of the epidermis is removed, lymph outflow improves, blood circulation in vessels.

Foot peeling at the Grail beauty salon

How to do foot peeling?

Foot peeling can be conveniently combined with other care procedures. So, for example, this service perfectly complements the classic, hardware or combined pedicure.

Leg peeling includes deep cleansing of the skin up to the knee. Special products are applied to the skin, which soften the epidermis. The cosmetic scrub contains tiny abrasive particles and nutrients.. The master performs a massage of the legs and feet. Foot peeling restores blood circulation. Manual massage along cosmetic lines helps large vessels return to functional activity. (from the periphery to the center of the body). Capillaries begin to work better due to the beneficial effects of peeling nutrients and mechanical cleansing of the skin surface.

Peeling is a pleasant, comfortable procedure. Massage, aroma of creams and oils, the soft texture of cosmetics allows you to completely relax during the session.

After peeling your feet you will feel incredible lightness and freshness.. Shin, your knees and feet will become soft and smooth to the touch. Regular exfoliation will allow your legs to always look well-groomed and young..

Include this procedure in your body care. Professional deep cleansing of the skin can be carried out in any season of the year.