Paraffin treatment for hands

At the beauty salon "El grial salon" can make a popular and pleasant the procedure of paraffin at a reasonable cost. Paraffin therapy has a therapeutic and cosmetic effect on the skin, the face and legs, muscles and joints.

Paraffin for hands in the cabin Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Manicure Жен. Муж
Classic manicure (manual processing of the nail and cuticle + cream) 15 20
Hardware manicure (аппаратная обработка ногтя и кутикулы + cream) 15 20
European manicure (the shape of the nail and the cuticle very disappointed + cream) 15 15
SPA маникюр аппаратный (manicure, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 30 35
Термо-варежки для рук + Парафин 15 20
The moon manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Mirror manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Ombre manicure (stretching color gel Polish, shellac) 25
Manicure + покрытие гель–lacquer (1 tone) 25
Manicure + покрытие гельлак ФРЕНЧ 30
The shellac, gel Polish (1 tone) 15
The shellac, gel Polish (French) 20
Укрепление ногтей Акригель/гель 25
Укрепление ногтей Акригель/гель (Френч) 30
Strengthen nails + manicure (1 tone) 35
Strengthen nails + manicure (Френч) 40
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones, stickers, термо-пленка 1 nail 2
Removing gel Polish 10
Before coating – removing gel Polish, shellac 0
Repair 1 nail silk 5
Partial services at the nail parlour: Жен. Муж.
The shape of the nails (create a form with a nail file) 5 10
Polishing nails 5 10
Massage of the hands in manicure 5 10
Paraffin treatment for hands 15 20
Маска для рук в маникюре 5 10
Exfoliation of the hands in manicure 5 10
Three-phase coating (base, lacquer, binder) 10
Hand cream 5

The effect of paraffin:

  • softens rough hands and feet;
  • activates the formation of own collagen and elastin, making the skin more elastic and taut;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • improves the condition of cuticles nails;
  • promotes the resorption of post-traumatic and postoperative scarring and adhesions.
Paraffin for hands beauty salon Grail

Paraffin provides thermal and compression effects. After applying liquid paraffin on the skin it quickly kristallizuetsya with a decrease of the, which leads to compression of the superficial soft tissues, to improve the flow of blood and lymph, the reduction of swelling. Paraffin baths can be recommended as additional funds to fight arthritis, the myositis, the bursitis, with tendovaginitis and heel spurs. They will be useful for dehydrated and suffered from the cold of the skin, when age-related changes.

Paraffin can be used as an independent cosmetic effects or in a complex preparation before the manicure and pedicure. The indication may also be weathered, aging dry skin, local muscle spasm, joint and muscle pain. Paraffin baths do not use in infectious diseases, hypertension, varicose veins and diabetes.

The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately – the skin becomes smooth and velvety, and remains such for at least a week.