Vacuum body massage

Vacuum body massage stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood flow, promotes weight loss and improvement of body contours. The beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante offers the procedure..

Vacuum hardware body massage in the Grail salon
Name of service Min. Price, €.
Relaxation massage body 60 40
Relax head massage + neck + face 30 20
Anti-cellulite massage shared (Course 10 procedures 350 Euro) 60 40
Plasticizing facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 150 Euro) 30 20
Lymphatic drainage facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Back massage (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Massage neck – neck area 30 20
Hand massage. Contracture of the shoulder and elbow 30 20
Foot massage lymphatic drainage. 45 30
Foot massage anticelulitni 45 30
Massage lumbar- sacral area 30 20
Lymphatic drainage massage total 60 40
Honey massage of the feet 45 30
Honey massage of the abdomen 30 20
Honey back massage 30 20
Honey massage of problem areas 30 20
Hot stone massage (Hot Stone) 60 40

Vacuum body massage has a beneficial effect on the structure and condition of the skin, as well as muscle tissue, giving them elasticity and firmness. Under the influence of negative pressure, subcutaneous fat is destroyed and, together with the lymph flow, is removed from the intercellular space. At the same time, due to blood flow, the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients is improved..

Vacuum manual body massage in the Grail salon

Vacuum massage is performed on various parts of the body, those in need of correction:

in the hips and buttocks area;
in the chest area;
in the abdominal area.

It helps to intensify the production of your own collagen, improving the relief of problem areas, increase muscle tone, eliminating skin sagging and cellulite manifestations.

The duration of a vacuum massage session is 20–40 minutes (depending on the body area being treated). Various products can be applied to the skin - creams, gels, oil, helping to enhance the modeling effect.

Get a vacuum body massage in the El grial salon

Vacuum body massage is a highly effective treatment method. If performed incorrectly, it can cause harm., therefore, the course of procedures must be carried out by a professional.

Vacuum body massage in the beauty salon “El grial salon” is performed by qualified specialists, proficient in hardware cosmetology techniques. The company's policy is aimed at providing effective services and a high level of service at the most affordable prices..