Laser hair removal bikini

Are tired of fighting with unwanted hair in the intimate area? After the epilator grow hair, and wax irritation? Please note the beauty salon "El grial salon". Laser hair removal bikini — comfortable treatment for silky smooth skin, one of our most popular treatments at any time of the year! It helps with no bad feelings and unintended consequences to care for the most intimate area of the body.

Laser hair removal bikini in a beauty salon "the Holy GRAIL"
Name of service Price, €.
Face completely 30
Neck female. 20
Deep bikini 50
Regional bikini line 30
Fully hand 50
Hands up to the elbow 30
Hands above the elbow 30
Feet completely 80
Shin 50
Hip 50
Buttocks 40
Strip belly 15
Armpits 25
Cheeks 20
Upper lip, tall (both), chin, the wings of the nose, forehead, ears, mammary glands. 15
Neck (male) 25
Male chin 35
Back 70
Removing pigmentation on the face and body (1 overlay) 20
Pigmentation removal (face completely) 50
Removing rosacea (1 overlay) 20
Removing rosacea (face completely) 50

Indications for laser hair removal bikini (including. deep) are:

  • unwanted hairs;
  • ingrown hairs due to unsuccessful removal of;
  • severe irritation after shaving;
  • not aesthetic black dots on skin after shaving the hair.

Laser hair removal bikini: How to conduct and how to prepare for it?

Removing hairs is due to destruction of hair follicles by light heat energy, which accumulates melanin. This pigment absorbs light rays, then they transformirovalsya in heat. To schedule an epilation deep bikini worth with these recommendations:

  • give up solar treatments for this area a week before;
  • for 1 day shave hairs in the bikini area;
  • for 3 hours before the procedure not to process the alcohol-containing means.

The course consists of 3-8 sessions of hair removal bikini. Before the procedure it is only necessary to wear eye protective glasses. To the treated area remedy anesthetic can not apply. Hair removal is comfortable and painless.

Laser hair removal bikini boundary inside the Grail

After laser hair removal deep bikini, you need to refrain for a 3 days from the sauna, pool, a hot bath, 2 weeks not to sunbathe, do not wipe the treated area with cosmetic alcohol-based.


  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • cancer;
  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • infection.
Laser hair removal bikini deep inside the Grail

At the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante laser hair removal deep bikini is done using safe and effective professional equipment. Customers feel comfortable and always happy with the result.