Piercing septum ring

The beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante invites you to tragus piercing at a competitive price. We employ experienced craftsmen, there is a license for the provision of medical services.

Name of service Price, RUB.
Replacement earrings – Replacing earrings 10
Eyebrow piercing – Eyebrow piercing 15
Lip piercing – Lip piercing 15
Catheter piercing without earring (secondary) – Piercing with catheter without earring (secondary) 10
Nose piercing (catheter) – Nose piercing (catheter) 15
Nose piercing (with a pistol) – Nose piercing (pistol) 10
Navel piercing – Navel piercing 15
Piercing septum – Piercing septum 15
Ear piercing 1 ear (piss) – ear piercing 1 ear (lobe) 10
Ear piercing 2 ear (piss) – Ear piercing 2 ears (lobe)/td> 15
Industrial ear piercing 1 ear – Industrial ear piercing 1 ear 25
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (catheter) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (catheter) 20
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (a gun) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (pistol) 15
Tongue piercing – Tongue piercing 15

As jewelry for body piercing septum ring rings are used, carnations with different hats and microbunny, made of hypoallergenic metal (surgical alloy). After complete healing of the channel you can change to acrylic, silver or gold jewelry.

Piercing septum ring inside the Grail


Puncture septum ring requires professionalism, as the injury to the deeper structures of the outer ear can reduce the function of the auditory canal. In addition, according to many experts, in this region there are many biologically active points, affect individual organs and the whole organism, that requires great skill and experience of the master. The rehabilitation period

The puncture is recommended to wipe with an antiseptic solution, and if it is necessary to impose on the night appointed foreman ointment. While taking a shower to try to avoid getting water into the wound. "Scroll" ring in the channel should not be.

Check price for puncture and sign up for piercing septum ring to a beauty salon "salon El grial" online, email or phone.