Permanent mascara

Spectacular eyelashes make your eyes more expressive, and the face is attractive. The beauty salon “El grial salon” offers a new technology for professional permanent eyelash coloring.. Permanent mascara stays on eyelashes 20 days, and it looks like this, as if it had just been applied.

Permanent mascara Myscara in the Grail salon
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Eyelash correction and coloring. Eyelash lamination and curling.
Laminating eyelashes + Botex + Staining + Curling eyelashes. 90 min. 50
Laminating eyelashes + Curling eyelashes. 60 min. 45
Botex for eyelashes (hydration + eyelash restoration 30 min. 25
Eyelash dyeing 30 min. 10
Eyelash extensions. Effects. Correction of extended eyelashes.
Removal of eyelash extensions without subsequent extensions 30 min. 9
Effects: Wet; Rays; Who; Bend L, M, U; Colored eyelashes 15 min. 4
Eyelash extensions “Natural volume” 120 min. 29
Eyelash extensions “Single volume” 120 min. 33
Eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” 120 min. 34
Eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” 120 min. 39
Eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” 120 min. 44
Eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” 120 min. 49
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 19
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 24
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 29
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 34
Eyebrow correction and coloring. Eyebrow lamination.
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) 15 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows dye 30 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows with Henna 45 min. 15
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 30 min. 20
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) 30 min. 15
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 60 min. 30
Eyebrow lamination + Correction + Staining 60 min. 40
Eyebrow lamination + Botex + Correction + Staining 75 min. 45

Eye makeup, made using it, resistant to water and high humidity; it is ideal as a resort, and is also especially in demand by busy business women.

Permanent mascara has all the characteristics of a good mascara: it is evenly distributed along the entire length of the eyelashes and colors them, lengthens, does not crumble or stick together.

Permanent mascara Myscara in the Grail beauty salon

The specificity of working with mascara is that it dries instantly after application.. To prevent eyelashes from sticking together, the master uses tweezers to separate them with professional movements.

In accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, permanent mascara is applied either to the lower, or on the upper eyelashes.

Depending on individual characteristics, the duration of the permanent coloring procedure takes from 30 minutes until 1 o'clock. The technique is compatible with eyelash extensions and curling.

Mascara is also removed in the salon. The procedure can be repeated three times in a row, after which you need to take a break for one week.

The result of working with permanent mascara directly depends on the qualifications of the master - that is why the beauty salon “El grial salon” invites everyone to visit it..