Haircuts for girls

In childhood self-esteem is formed, confidence, taste. It is very important to pay enough attention to appearance young fashionistas Specialist must not only take care of hairstyles, but to find a common language with the child. This is especially important when performing haircuts for girls of preschool age.

Haircuts for girls inside the Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Childrens haircuts: Girls under 8 years
Correction bangs 3
Haircut (one length) 7
Haircut (short hair) 7
Haircut (medium hair) 10
Haircut (long hair) 13
Evening hairstyle 20
Evening hairstyle (from 40 cm) 30
Wrapping the hair on the tongs
short hair 10
medium hair 13
long hair 15
Netting 1 ear 5
Rhinestones (6PCs) 5
Childrens haircuts: Boys to 8 years
The haircut 1 the nozzle 10
Haircut two nozzles 10
Haircut model 15
Creative cutting 15
Edging 5
Pattern 2

Hair decoration women at any age. Hair's looking good, if they are healthy and shiny. The skill of the Barber also plays a big role. Different haircuts for girls have their own characteristics.

Types of haircuts for girls

Hairstyle should be not only beautiful, but practical. Doshkolnitsa hair is most often short and medium length. Girls of this age salon "El grial salon" offers haircuts, as: Kare, Bob, cap. Bangs are ideal for children with straight hair. If they are twisted, it will always have to commit a Hairdryer and special tools.

Long hair needs more care and attention, after the haircut, they become more docile and healthy. If you want to see my daughter in neat braids and tails, shape her hair done at the salon.

Hairstyles for girls in the cabin Grail

Girls after 10 years often follow trends and have their preferences. Hairstyles girls high school differ from adults only in the most extravagant and creativity.

Haircuts for girls 10-18 years: Kare, Bob, cap, pixie, "under the boy", page, Garson, cascade and dozens of other options.

Visit the salon "El grial salon" in Alicante. Our specialists will help you choose and buy for your girls hair, perform cut and style (if necessary).