Men's room (haircut, styling)

For men, men's beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante offers modern and fashionable men's haircuts, styling: MILITARY, CLASSIC, RETRO, SPORT, CRAZY…

Name of service  Price, €.
Haircut + wash + drying
Edging male. (Haircut + wash + drying) 10
Haircut male. under 1 the nozzle + wash + drying 10
Haircut male: under 2 nozzle + wash + drying 15
Pattern, creative Stripe, triangle 2
Haircut model + wash + drying
Model haircut for men 20
Model haircut for men (long hair) 25
Creative men's haircut 20
Styling (tools for styling hair) p. 2
Men's haircut with scissors 20
Hair coloring men.
Hair weave-p. Trash 20
Hair coloring men. (one tone) 30
Styling + styling
Short hair 5
Medium hair 7
Long hair 10
Short hair 3
Long hair 5
Beard, mustache, eyebrows, ears
Beard edging 5
Beard trim 7
Beard trim (trim+shape) 9
Staining of the beard (chin) 5
Staining of the beard (fully) 7
Moustache trim 2
Grooming the eyebrows 2
Shave the ears 2

Today there are no strict criteria in haircuts for men.. This is either elongated hair with a “slightly careless” effect, or short neat haircut. Military style – military occupies a special place. Hairstyles are becoming more masculine.

Most often this can be very short hair on the back of the head and long bangs.. The main emphasis of men's haircuts is most often placed on it. “Ragged” ends and various “strands” are in fashion.. Nowadays, many men resort to highlighting and coloring.. It brings life to your hair, and sometimes gives it the missing volume.