Curling eyelashes

Guests of the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante use the latest achievements of the beauty industry. To give a beautiful shape of natural or artificial eyelashes, it helps eyelash Perm. We use quality cosmetic products, safe for health.

Curling eyelashes in the cabin Grail
Name of service Время, min. Price, €.
Коррекция и окрашивание ресниц. Ламинирование и завивка ресниц.
Laminating eyelashes + Ботекс + Staining + Curling eyelashes. 90 min. 50
Laminating eyelashes + Curling eyelashes. 60 min. 45
Ботекс для ресниц (hydration + восстановление ресниц 30 min. 25
Окрашивание ресниц краской 30 min. 10
Eyelash extensions. Эффекты. Correction of extended eyelashes.
Снятие наращенных ресниц без последующего наращивания 30 min. 10
Эффекты: Мокрый; Лучики; Ким; Изгиб L, M, U; Цветные ресницы 15 min. 5
Eyelash extensions “Natural volume” 120 min. 35
Eyelash extensions “Single volume” 120 min. 40
Наращивание ресниц “Объем 2-D” 120 min. 45
Наращивание ресниц “Объем 3-D” 120 min. 50
Наращивание ресниц “Объем 4-D” 120 min. 55
Наращивание ресниц “Объем 5-8.D 120 min. 60
Коррекция наращенных ресниц “Объем 2-D” (от 2-х до 3-х недель) 60 min. 25
Коррекция наращенных ресниц “Объем 3-D” (от 2-х до 3-х недель) 60 min. 30
Коррекция наращенных ресниц “Объем 4-D” (от 2-х до 3-х недель) 60 min. 35
Коррекция наращенных ресниц “Объем 5-8.D” (от 2-х до 3-х недель) 60 min. 40
Коррекция и окрашивание бровей. Ламинирование бровей.
Eyebrow shaping (пинцетом, wax) 15 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows dye 30 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows with Henna 45 min. 15
Eyebrow shaping (пинцетом, wax) + окрашивание Краской 30 min. 20
Eyebrow shaping (пинцетом, wax) + окрашивание Хной 45 min. 25
Архитектура бровей (пинцетом, wax) 30 min. 15
Архитектура бровей (пинцетом, wax) + окрашивание Краской 45 min. 25
Архитектура бровей (пинцетом, wax) + окрашивание Хной 60 min. 30
Ламинирование бровей + Correction + Staining 60 min. 40
Ламинирование бровей + Ботекс + Correction + Staining 75 min. 45

Chemical Curling eyelashes to create a soft bend in the ciliary hair. The procedure is shown:

  • when growing down the cilia;
  • straight or insufficiently curved eyelashes;
  • the narrow shape of the eyes and the need to visually increase their size;
  • folded down the corners of the eyes;
  • need visual correction the impending century;
  • in the chaotic direction of growth of the cilia.

Biowave eyelashes is using drugs, with a minimum of corrosive substances, provides persistent and pronounced effect.

Eyelash perms at the beauty salon the Grail

The stages of the procedure: Curling eyelashes

  1. on the lower eyelid overlaps the hydrogel for separating lower eyelashes;
  2. selected silicone pad (disposable eyelash curler) for Curling eyelash hair (there 4 size);
  3. with the help of skin glue curlers are attached to the eyelid;
  4. a roller to apply the adhesive and by means of the forceps alternately applied to it eyelashes;
  5. ciliary hairs are treated with a softener, it is applied at a distance 2 mm from the roots and 2 mm from the tips. Through 8-15 minutes softener rented;
  6. cause the latch. Leave 8-15 min. After the lashes are treated with nourishing oil, which stand 3 minutes;
  7. residues of drugs and oils are removed with cleanser, then remove the curlers.

Effect biozavivki eyelash remains on 2-4 months. It is recommended to do not more 3 once a year. Day avoid rubbing your eyes, sauna, pool, bath. To apply mascara through 30-60 minutes.

Before Curling do a test for allergies. During pregnancy, lactation, with antibiotics and contraceptives procedure is not recommended.

Guests of the beauty salon "El grial salon" I use the services of experienced craftsmen, the procedures are provided in a comfortable environment.