Cartilage piercings

The beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante invites you to cartilage piercing in the ear at an affordable price. Piercing is performed by experienced professionals. We have a license to provide medical services.

Cartilage piercing in a beauty salon

Piercing the edge of the ear cartilage is one of the most versatile and popular types of piercing.. All types of jewelry are suitable for it - horseshoes, labrets, bars, studs and rings.

Name of service Price, RUB.
Replacement earrings – Replacing earrings 10
Eyebrow piercing – Eyebrow piercing 15
Lip piercing – Lip piercing 15
Catheter piercing without earring (secondary) – Piercing with catheter without earring (secondary) 10
Nose piercing (catheter) – Nose piercing (catheter) 15
Nose piercing (with a pistol) – Nose piercing (pistol) 10
Navel piercing – Navel piercing 15
Piercing septum – Piercing septum 15
Ear piercing 1 ear (piss) – ear piercing 1 ear (lobe) 10
Ear piercing 2 ear (piss) – Ear piercing 2 ears (lobe)/td> 15
Industrial ear piercing 1 ear – Industrial ear piercing 1 ear 25
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (catheter) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (catheter) 20
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (a gun) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (pistol) 15
Tongue piercing – Tongue piercing 15

Punctures of the ear cartilage vary in their position relative to the head. Cartilage piercing can be unilateral (in one ear) and two-way (in both ears). Depending on the number of punctures, it can be single or multiple..

The technique of the procedure: cartilage piercing

When performing cartilage piercing:

  • fabrics are fixed by hand or with a window clamp;
  • the cartilage is pierced from the side or from above with a curved or straight hollow needle with a receiver;
  • decoration is threaded into the channel;
  • the wound is treated with an antiseptic solution.

The tissue healing period lasts from 2 weeks before 1 months.

Cartilage puncture in a beauty salon


Wound care involves treating it with a solution of chlorhexidine or miramistin at least 2 once a day. The main task of the rehabilitation period is to prevent jewelry from touching and injury to the puncture site., as well as its infection. It is not recommended to rotate or change earrings until the tissues have completely healed..

When performed professionally, this type of piercing is painless., heals quickly and is not rejected.