Stone therapy. Hot Stone

In the beauty salon “El grial salon” you can use stone therapy services. This type of reflexology is recommended by doctors to, to cope with illnesses, caused by stress and nervous tension.

The stone therapy procedure includes massage with hot and cold stones. Impact on reflexogenic points has an amazing effect on the human body, being an alternative to traditional treatment.

Stone therapy at the Grail salon
Name of service Min. Price, €.
Relaxation massage body 60 40
Relax head massage + neck + face 30 20
Anti-cellulite massage shared (Course 10 procedures 350 Euro) 60 40
Plasticizing facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 150 Euro) 30 20
Lymphatic drainage facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Back massage (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Massage neck – neck area 30 20
Hand massage. Contracture of the shoulder and elbow 30 20
Foot massage lymphatic drainage. 45 30
Foot massage anticelulitni 45 30
Massage lumbar- sacral area 30 20
Lymphatic drainage massage total 60 40
Honey massage of the feet 45 30
Honey massage of the abdomen 30 20
Honey back massage 30 20
Honey massage of problem areas 30 20
Hot stone massage (Hot Stone) 60 40

As a result of these manipulations, it is possible:

  • effectively remove toxins from the body;
  • eliminate pain in different parts of the body;
  • relieve stress and relax;
  • improve blood and lymph circulation;
  • stabilize metabolism;
  • strengthen the nervous and immune system;
  • increase muscle elasticity.

Features of stone therapy in the El grial salon

Our salon specialists will provide you with a professional session of specialized stone massage. Stone therapy is carried out in a relaxing atmosphere, accompanied by relaxing music and the use of aromatic oils.

For this, stones of various shapes (basalt and marble) heated to the required temperature (around 40 degrees). After manually warming up the body, they are laid out along the spine on the back. Blood begins to flow to these areas, actively saturating body cells with oxygen. At this time, the effective removal of toxins from the body occurs through the pores..

Stone therapy at the Grail beauty salon

To treat diseases using stone therapy, stones are laid out in a certain order., the position of the points is determined according to the acupuncture atlas. This procedure gives a pleasant feeling, helping with many diseases, among which:

  • angina pectoris;
  • cystitis;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • chronic pancreatitis.

Stone therapy helps establish a balance between physical and psychological well-being. If you have any questions about this procedure, then the specialists of the El grial salon will advise you by phone.