Face peeling

The beauty salon “El grial salon” offers modern, effective facial peeling at competitive prices.. Cosmetologists use safe drugs and guarantee a noticeable effect after the first session.

Types of facial peeling in the Grail beauty salon
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Laser carbon facial peeling 40 min. 50
Carbon laser peeling of décolleté 30 min. 40
Mechanical cleaning of the face (make-up remover+cleansing+mask+cream) 60 min. 40
Enzyme peel — anti-imperfections, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 45 min. 30
Glycolic peeling is a technique for removing dead skin cells. 60 min. 50
Azelaine peeling; removing top layers for oily skin 60 min. 50
Almond peeling — the fight against skin blemishes, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 60 min. 50
Salicylic peels — age hyperkeratosis, post-acne scars, oily skin, acne 60 min. 50
Medium peeling - almost complete removal of the epidermis layer 60 min. 70
Coral peeling Rose de Mer - natural medium peeling 80 min. 70
Retinoidy peeling (yellow peeling) age hyperkeratosis, postpreview scars, oily skin, acne 90 min. 80

Facial skin peeling is a technique for removing dead cells.. The purpose of the procedure is to launch the body’s protective functions and renew the epidermis. The result is:

  • increased immunity in treated areas;
  • reduction of inflammatory phenomena;
  • elimination of pigmentation;
  • reduction in wrinkle depth;
  • healthy, radiant look.

Facial peeling is considered an integral part of anti-aging skin care.. However, there are methods, suitable for women of any age.

Facial peeling at the Grail beauty salon

Face peeling: kinds

Procedures for removing dead skin cells are divided into several types depending on the:

  • the drug used;
  • depth of influence.

Depending on the method of influence there are different:

  • mechanical peeling - carried out using technology. This category includes vacuum, coral and ultrasonic methods of skin cleansing. These techniques are the safest and least traumatic, therefore they are used everywhere;
  • chemical facial peeling - popular due to the variety of techniques and different depths of impact (may be superficial, middle and deep). For this procedure, special acid compositions are used.. Special techniques have been developed for cleansing young, inflamed and sensitive skin;
  • Enzyme facial peeling - here enzyme compositions are used instead of acid. The procedure is classified as superficial. Most often used on young skin, as well as on sensitive and inflamed.
Facial peelings at the Grail beauty salon

You can find out the cost of facial peeling in the El grial salon by calling the indicated numbers. Cosmetologists will select the optimal technique for each client, taking into account individual characteristics.