SPA manicure

Try to make a Spa manicure in the salon "El grial salon" in Alicante. The procedure will amaze you with its efficiency and comfort.

Spa manicure in beauty salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Price, €.
Manicure Ladies Lord
Classic manicure (manual form of the nail and cuticle + cream) 15 20
Hardware manicure (hardware the shape of the nail and cuticle + cream) 15 20
European manicure (the shape of the nail and the cuticle very disappointed + cream) 10 15
SPA manicure (manicure classical., peeling, mask, massage brushes) 25 30
SPA manicure (manicure apparat, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 25 30
SPA manicure (the European manicure., peeling, mask, massage brushes) 20 25
The moon manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 15
Mirror manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 15
Ombre manicure (stretching color gel Polish, shellac) 15
The shellac, gel Polish (1 tone) 15
The shellac, gel Polish (French) 20
Strengthen nails + manicure – 1 tone 30
Strengthen nails + manicure French 30
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones, stickers, the fuser 1 nail 2
Removing gel Polish 10
Before coating – removing gel Polish, shellac 0
Repair 1 nail silk 5
Partial services at the nail parlour: Ladies Lord
The shape of the nails (create a form with a nail file) 5 10
Polishing nails 5 10
Massage of the hands in manicure 5 10
Paraffin treatment for hands 10 15
Mask hands manicure 5 10
Exfoliation of the hands in manicure 5 10
Three-phase coating (base, lacquer, binder) 10
French varnish 15
Hand cream 5

Professional manicure in the salon is always a great nail care, the nail bed, side bolsters and cuticle. But only SPA manicure also includes a procedure to mitigate, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Spa manicure is a relaxing for you, time, when you can fully relax.

Spa manicure

The benefits of a Spa manicure

During the Spa manicure, the wizard first removes the coating from the nail, on shapes. The cuticle is covered with a special emollient. Then the cuticle is shifted (in edging technology), and the skin around the nail is polished. If there is a need, the part of the cuticle can be cut.

After the nail care is the exfoliation of keratinized epithelium. The first superficial peel is applied to hands and forearms. The wizard massage and wash tool. Next, apply another SPA-care for the skin. It has a nourishing, mitigating, healing property. Master massage gently rubs the substance into the skin.

Spa manicure finish grinding and polishing of the nails. Optional the surface can be covered with a varnish treatment, gel Polish or a therapeutic drug.

The main advantage of SPA-manicure — it complexity. Such care products can be considered complete and comprehensive. During the session, maximum attention is paid not only to nails and fingers, but the palms, wrists and even forearms.

SPA-manicure is a great way to quickly take care of your hands. Already one treatment can completely transform the nails and skin. Get expert care for hands with SPA-procedures. They will be a powerful start to care about their appearance.