Having well-groomed feet is a necessity for a modern person of any gender.. Beauty salon "El Grial" invites everyone to the procedure: hardware pedicure at a competitive price.

Name of service Price, €.
Gen. Husband.
Classic pedicure; (manual handling of nails and cuticles) 30 35
Pedicure; (foot + fingers) 30 35
Combined pedicure; (hardware + manual) 30 35
SPA pedicure: (hardware + manual pedicure + care + paraffin) 45 55
Pedicure Women's coated Varnish 35
Pedicure for women with Gel Polish coating 40
Partial pedicure (foot treatment) 15 20
Partial pedicure (treatment fingers) 20 20
Treatment of ingrown nail 10 15
SPA treatment for feet (scrub, mask, cream, massage) 15 20
Paraffin feet (antiseptic + cream) 15 20
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel 25
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel (French) 30
Three-phase varnishing (base, lacquer, drying) 1 tone 10
Varnish (base, lacquer, drying) (French) 15
Gel nail Polish; shellac (1 tone) 15
Gel nail Polish, shellac (French) 20
Ombre color stretching; (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Mirrored pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Moon pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Removing shellac, gel polish. 10
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones (decoration) 2
Removing gel polish and shellac before new coating! 0

In addition to performing an aesthetic function, Pedicure helps prevent a number of diseases - calluses, underfoot, ingrown nail edges. A safe hardware procedure for foot care has replaced the invasive classical one..


During its implementation there is no stage of steaming the feet. Instead, rough areas of skin are massaged using softening creams.. They act only on keratinized cells of the epidermis, without affecting normal tissues.

Having finished preparing, start the main stage, using a special handpiece with various grinding attachments. The layer of rough skin is removed delicately, but effective and safe: infection and disruption of tissue integrity are technically excluded. The procedure does not cause any discomfort.

Changing attachments, The master of the hardware pedicure center polishes the skin in hard-to-reach places, corrects the length and shape of nails, gently pushes back the cuticle. The final stage is a relaxing massage using creams and oils. The optimal frequency of the procedure is 1 once a month.

Advantages of performing a hardware pedicure in a professional center:

  • absence of cuts and infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • time saving (the session lasts 30 minutes, and the result is stored in 2 times longer, than with the classical technique);
  • the ability to get rid of existing corns, ingrown nails and calluses;
  • no contraindications;
  • When the procedure is performed regularly, the skin becomes rougher more slowly, stays soft and moisturized longer.

The maximum visual effect after a hardware pedicure in the salon directly depends on the qualifications of the master. Specialists, working at El grial salon, clients recommend to friends and acquaintances.

We offer the lowest prices and high quality hardware pedicure, as well as significant discounts. We use modern equipment and professional cosmetics for nail services..