Tattoo eye. Arrows with shading.

Beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante offers a full range of permanent makeup services. Tattoo eye – safe and painless procedure - an excellent alternative to an expensive one, but short-lived decorative cosmetics.

Eye tattoo in the beauty salon "GRAIL"

Effective eye micropigmentation is based on the introduction of a special pigment into the surface layers of the epidermis. Eye tattooing is especially popular among active women, who spend a lot of time at work, and in the evening they rush to the gym and pool. The procedure provides an expressive look without the need for daily application of traditional makeup.

Name of service Price, €.
Artistic tattoo (any style) 60 min. 25
Eyebrow micropigmentation (permanent makeup: powder technique) 120 min. 120
Eye micropigmentation: Arrows with shading. Interciliary space (permanent makeup) 120 min. 120
Lip micropigmentation: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Micropigmentation of breast areolas: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Permanent makeup correction: micropigmentation later 4-6 weeks 60 min. 50
Removing permanent makeup with neodymium laser. 30 min. 50
Advice 30 min. FREE

Tattoo eye: Features of the event in the El grial salon

  • As painless as possible. During the procedure, some discomfort is felt only when passing the first circuit. All subsequent stages are absolutely painless due to the application of anesthesia.
  • Absolutely safe. Eye tattooing is performed with high-quality European equipment. Replaceable disposable modules completely ensure safety for the client’s health. Compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards is an indispensable condition for permanent makeup.
  • Long lasting effect. It is ensured by using only high-quality pigments of organic origin with high levels of hypoallergenicity. Masters use drugs, developed by leading European and American manufacturers, which are particularly colorfast. Color lasts up to five years.
  • Natural shade. The color palette for eye micropigmentation allows you to choose the shade, which harmoniously matches the client’s skin and hair color.
Tattoo of the century in the beauty salon "GRAIL"

The beauty salon “El grial salon” invites everyone to a cosmetic procedure of permanent makeup. Thanks to the company’s loyal pricing policy, the cost of high-quality eye tattooing is one of the lowest in Alicante.