Haircut for boys

El grial salon is happy to serve boys and teenagers in Alicante. Here they get stylish haircuts for boys and are always satisfied . We work with hair of different lengths, however, practice shows, that short hairstyles are ideal for boys.

Haircuts for boys at the Grail salon
Name of service Price, €.
Childrens haircuts: Boys to 8 years
The haircut 1 the nozzle 10
Haircut two nozzles 10
Haircut model 15
Creative cutting 15
Edging 5
Pattern 2
Childrens haircuts: Girls under 8 years
Correction bangs 3
Haircut (one length) 7
Haircut (short hair) 7
Haircut (medium hair) 10
Haircut (long hair) 13
Evening hairstyle 20
Evening hairstyle (from 40 cm) 30
Wrapping the hair on the tongs
short hair 10
medium hair 13
long hair 15
Netting 1 ear 5
Rhinestones (6PCs) 5

Hairdressers do not follow the rule “the simpler it is.”, all the better", against, they are ready to work on the image of every fidget, offering trendy teen style or discreet options for school.

The approach to cutting and creating hairstyles for boys is fundamentally different from the technique, used for adults. This is due to the special structure of children's hair.: they are thinner and softer, difficult to install. In addition, boys are not inclined to devote time to hair care, that's why haircuts for them are done like this, to require a minimum of attention in the future.

Hairstyles for boys in the salon

Most popular options:

  • Caesar;
  • hairstyles with and without bangs;
  • boxing;
  • semi-boxing;
  • short bob or bob.

A fashionable haircut for boys is complemented by shaving patterns on the back of the head and temples. This option is popular among young children, and among teenagers.

Hairstyles for boys in the salon

Haircuts for boys: Nuances

Don't try to cut your child's hair at home, Usually the sight of scissors or a machine scares the baby, and in the future he will be afraid of this procedure. You can accustom your child to the hairdresser with 3 years. At this age, a full-fledged haircut for boys is already possible. Understanding the importance of self-care, assistance in choosing a hairstyle and personal style helps your son to develop his own taste and habit of caring for his appearance by adolescence.

Our salon technicians have extensive experience working with children.. They quickly put the little fidget at ease and turn the process of cutting and creating hairstyles for boys into an exciting game..