The beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante invites you to the facial ultraphonophoresis procedure. We use modern technology, safe for your health. Youth and perfection become more affordable!

Ultraphonophoresis in the Grail beauty salon
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Mechanical cleaning of the face, ultrasonic
Mechanical cleaning of the face (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 75 min. 40
Ultrasonic facial cleansing (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 75 min. 40
Combined facial cleansing (mechanical + ultrasonic) 90 min. 50
Microdermabrasion: Diamond skin polishing (makeup remover + peeling + cream). 45 min. 30
Microcurrent drainage (mittens): Skin lifting, facelift, lymph drainage, facial massage. 30 min. 15
Microcurrents of the face, neck, neckline (electrodes): Skin lifting, facelift, lymph drainage, massage. 45 min. 30
Facial myostimulation (electrodes): Skin lifting, facelift, restoration of muscle tone. 45 min. 30
Carboxytherapy. Stimulation of skin regeneration - CO2 hydrocomplex 60 min. 40
Phonophoresis: Saturation of the skin with nourishing ingredients – ultrasonic electroporation. 45 min. 30
Intraceuticals rejuvenate facial: Saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid – ultrasonic electroporation. 45 min. 30
Oxygen mesotherapy facials: Saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid – under oxygen flow pressure. 45 min. 30

Ultraphonophoresis of the face is based on the introduction of medications into the epidermis in combination with ultrasound exposure. Hardware cosmetology activates cellular metabolism, normalizes blood circulation and provides lymphatic drainage. The medicine warms the skin and helps saturate tissues with oxygen.. This increases the elasticity of connective tissues.

Ultraphonophoresis in the Grail beauty salon

Phonophoresis: Features

Ultrasonic peeling is recommended for:

  • Serious disorders in skin fat metabolism.
  • Complex treatment of scars and stretch marks.
  • Getting rid of cellulite.
  • Acne treatment.
  • Impaired lymphatic drainage and circulatory problems.
  • Rehabilitation after surgery.

In addition, ultraphonophoresis of facial skin is used to correct wrinkles. The procedure provides a comprehensive effect: collagen and elastin fibers are restored, the activity of metabolism and various enzymes increases. Ultraphonophoresis of the face has a beneficial effect on the pH level of tissues: skin rejuvenates and becomes more attractive.

Ultraphonophoresis for the face in the Grail beauty salon

The facial ultraphonophoresis procedure is painless for the patient. The medication is applied in the form of a gel, and the hardware impact does not bring any unpleasant sensations. Experts recommend conducting several sessions of facial ultraphonophoresis to achieve the best result.. The number of procedures is discussed with the specialist individually and depends on the characteristics of the patient’s skin..

What are the advantages of hardware cosmetology in the El grial salon??

  • Large selection of procedures - maximum opportunities for rejuvenation.
  • Individual consultations - help in choosing the best technique.
  • Reasonable prices for facial ultraphonophoresis - cheaper, than surgery.
  • Caring for the comfort of clients - painless procedures are guaranteed.
  • Cozy atmosphere - we always welcome new visitors.