Wedding makeup

Beauty salon "El grial salon" offers a wide range of aesthetic services in Alicante. We use modern methods of rejuvenation, effective and safe as possible for customers. Here you will find a complete transformation, relaxation and renewal, which is especially important on the eve of important events. Very popular among the customers enjoy the service:  wedding makeup.

Wedding makeup in the beauty salon Grail

The wedding day the bride want to look spectacular. Therefore, leave to do wedding makeup to the professionals in the salon. It differs markedly from traditional home-made make-up a sustainable professional cosmetics, a special technique of application and reasonableness.

Name of service Price, €.
Day makeup 50
Evening makeup 75
Wedding makeup 100

Experienced makeup artists salon "El grial salon" do you recommend a particular wedding makeup, depending on your color type, attire and hairstyles. This make-up perfectly complement the image of the bride, accentuate her natural femininity and charm.

Wedding makeup: What you should know?

Wedding makeup for brunettes beauty salon Grail

This kind of make-up needs to solve several problems at once:

  • To do the bride's face expressive, that is very important for wedding photography.
  • To emphasize the natural attractiveness, creating a good product image.
  • To be quite persistent, to sustain the ceremony, Banquet, fun contests and dances.
  • Wedding makeup, unlike evening, should be festive and special, but not to overwhelm the face.
  • Well in harmony with the dress, decorations, manicure, hair and type of appearance.

The bride's makeup is usually romantic and peaceful, therefore, to create often used pastel shades of decorative cosmetics. Professionally selected palette will allow you to look fresh and natural throughout the day, well-placed in the Bridal makeup accents emphasize the dignity of the person.

The specialists of the beauty salon “El grial salon” will help you look truly luxurious on your special day.. In addition to wedding makeup, We offer a whole range of services to prepare the image of the most beautiful bride.