About the company

Beauty salon “El Grial” - Formula for success.

    Beauty salon "El Grial" in Alicante – this is the oasis of true professionalism in the field of beauty, which is so necessary today for every modern person!

  At a high professional level, we offer many modern services in such popular areas, as: salon, manicure, traditional and hardware cosmetology, correction of eyelashes and eyebrows, all kinds of hair removal, piercing, massage, tattoo, permanent makeup and more. Ph.D.

  All specialists, be it hairdressers, nail service technicians, massage therapists or cosmetologists, working in the beauty salon "El Grial", have great talent and many years of experience.

  All masters use only high-quality, modern equipment and sterile disposable consumables.

  The beauty industry is not standing still!, and every year the beauty salon “El Grial” in Alicante pleases its regular customers with new services and advantageous offers!..

  Also, as for permanent, and for new clients! – a profitable bonus loyalty program has been developed!

   From your first visit you accumulate bonuses, with which you can pay for any of our services! This is Progressive Cashback, which starts with 5% and then grows to 15% from each check! The amount of constantly growing charges depends on the total amount of Visits you paid for!!!Thus, With each new visit your discount grows!

   Also in our beauty salon there is a “Bring Your Friends” promotion on an ongoing basis.! For each friend you refer, you will be credited to your personal account: 15€.!

   Do not be shy! Feel free to recommend the El Grial beauty salon in Alicante! Stay with us! Don't miss our great offers! Receive and spend your accumulated Bonuses with pleasure!

  We will be glad to see you among our regular and always satisfied customers.! Hurry!.. Register… http://arn.su/HEQ Call… Write… +34 646 205 752.  The income…  https://goo.gl/maps/7fBQU1AnZUDiMF6a7

 With the Rev. team of the beauty salon "El Grial" in Alicante.