Wedding hairstyle for the bride.

The perfect wedding hairstyle for the bride and, of course, professional makeup is the most important attributes of a flawless image. Wedding hairstyle must suit You and be super reliable, and also be harmoniously combined with many elements of the wedding dress. Wedding hairstyle should be well thought, and to make a trial version in advance!

Wedding hairstyles in the beauty salon Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Evening style
Short hair 20
Medium hair 30
Long hair 40
Long (40cm. and more) 50
Wedding hairstyle
Short hair 70
Medium hair 90
Long hair 120
Long (40cm. and more + hair pieces) 150
Hairstyle trial 50
Wedding makeup 100
Evening makeup 75
Wedding hairstyle in the beauty salon Grail

Wedding hair and makeup at an affordable price offer the best hair stylists and makeup artists of the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante. In our Arsenal many years of experience, great prices, professional tools, tools and accessories. We are ready to provide a range of services for the preparation of the appearance of the bride.

Wedding hairstyle: helpful tips to the bride

Wedding – a unique event. Ideally, the wedding happens in life only once. Accordingly, and preparing for this event in advance! No doubt, well maintained, the velvet bride will Shine from the inside, radiating beauty, a gentle image of the bride, white outfit and many of its complementary (hairstyle, makeup and manicure) should only cause the admiring glances of the groom and guests! That would be all passed on HURRAY!..

Cleansing, hydration, skin nutrition – Not later than 2 weeks before the celebration ! Hair coloring and correction of eyebrows – a week before the event ! Eyelash extensions , pedicure, manicure or nail – it is desirable to make not earlier than 1-2 the day before the holiday ! On the wedding day when applying makeup – it is recommended to use your own mascara (in order to avoid allergies)!