Makeup professional

You have to go to a party, wedding or any other celebration, where you need to look luxurious and elegant? In this case, you should use the services of a beauty salon and get professional makeup done, which will become the basis of a new image.

Professional makeup in the beauty salon "GRAIL"

Professional fashion makeup is a sought-after service in any beauty salon.. Using the latest generation cosmetics, El grial salon specialists will skillfully highlight all the advantages of your appearance and gracefully hide minor flaws.

Name of service Price, €.
Day makeup 50
Evening makeup 75
Wedding makeup 100

Having decided to use the services of a beauty salon, You, together with the master, choose the most suitable professional makeup option. Using interesting makeup artist techniques, you can make your eyes more expressive or your lips more attractive., correct facial features and achieve a stunning effect.

Makeup at the beauty salon "GRAIL"

Experienced makeup artists of the El grial salon will offer you a day, cocktail , evening or wedding make-up, most suitable for your appearance. We invite all residents of Alicante, to our beauty salon. Stylish makeup will add sophistication and completeness to your appearance, attracting attention to its owner.