Nail acrylic gel PowerGel

Beauty salon "El grial salon" presents a new unique hypoallergenic product for extensions, modeling and strengthening of nails from Magnetic: odorless hybrid of gel and acrylic – acrylic gel Power Gel.

Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Nail: Acrylic, Helem
Nail extension with tips – 1 tone 150 min. 40
Nail extension with tips – French 165 min. 45
Form nail extensions – 1 tone 165 min. 40
Form nail extensions – French 180 min. 45
Nail extension with design 180 min. 50
Nail correction (1 tone) 90 min. 30
Nail correction (French) 105 min. 35
Correction of one nail (1 tone) 15 min. 5
Correction of one nail (French) 15 min. 7
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing 30 min. 10
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing followed by building up 30 min. 0
Decorations (rhinestones), 1 PC. 15 min. 2

 Nail extension with acrylic gel PowerGel combines strength and elasticity, therefore it is perfect for strengthening, and for nail modeling. Single-phase acrylic gel Power Gel with the ability to extend and seal nails without setting forms.

Power Gel lays out much easier than acrylic or gel: shrinks and does not spread, which is very convenient when modeling nail architecture. Power Gel can be applied without sawdust, which saves a lot of time. But if necessary, sawed off quite easily. Power Gel with the properties of acrylic wears for a very long time and is not noticeable on the nails. Properties: Excellent adhesion; No odor or flying dust; High viscosity – complete control over the material; For all types of nail shapes; Minimal finishing.