Combined pedicure

All the advantages of classical and hardware foot care are combined with a combined pedicure.. Combined pedicure takes into account the individual needs of each client. The technique also includes a classic trim pedicure., and hardware processing.

combined pedicure
Name of service Price, €.
Gen. Husband.
Classic pedicure; (manual handling of nails and cuticles) 30 35
Pedicure; (foot + fingers) 30 35
Combined pedicure; (hardware + manual) 30 35
SPA pedicure: (hardware + manual pedicure + care + paraffin) 45 55
Pedicure Women's coated Varnish 35
Pedicure for women with Gel Polish coating 40
Partial pedicure (foot treatment) 15 20
Partial pedicure (treatment fingers) 20 20
Treatment of ingrown nail 10 15
SPA treatment for feet (scrub, mask, cream, massage) 15 20
Paraffin feet (antiseptic + cream) 15 20
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel 25
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel (French) 30
Three-phase varnishing (base, lacquer, drying) 1 tone 10
Varnish (base, lacquer, drying) (French) 15
Gel nail Polish; shellac (1 tone) 15
Gel nail Polish, shellac (French) 20
Ombre color stretching; (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Mirrored pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Moon pedicure (gel nail Polish, shellac) 20
Removing shellac, gel polish. 10
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones (decoration) 2
Removing gel polish and shellac before new coating! 0

The procedure begins with a foot bath. During 10-20 minutes the skin is moisturized and softened with water and special products. Next, the master removes rough skin, corns, dry calluses. Trims cuticles with tweezers or scissors. After this, the entire surface of the feet is completely dried.. And the master moves on to the hardware part of the combined pedicure. The grinding surfaces of the device remove the top layer of the epidermis. The skin immediately becomes soft and tender to the touch. The nail bed is also processed using the hardware method., its surface is polished. Then a cosmetic product for skin and nail care is applied to the entire surface of the feet. (cream, oil, lotion). Nail plates are coated with clear or colored varnish, gel Polish, medicinal composition.

Combined pedicure at the Grail salon

Combined pedicure: advantages

Combined pedicure combines all the advantages of classic and hardware. He, On the one side, extremely effective even on rough feet, on the other hand, it is safe and gentle.

Combined pedicure is necessary:

  • for rough skin on the feet;
  • corns and dry calluses;
  • cracks in the skin.
combined pedicure

Hardware and classical effects easily solve these foot problems. In addition, combined pedicure is the prevention of certain diseases. So, for example, professional salon care allows you to avoid ingrown toenails. Contact the specialists of the El Grial salon in Alicante, to make this comfortable procedure.