Skin healing

In the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante you can take a course to improve problematic skin. Fat content, dry, acne - all these problems can be solved by modern cosmetology. We use innovative safe techniques. Improving facial skin in the El grial salon - individual solutions for your perfection!

Skin treatment at the Grail salon
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Mechanical cleaning of the face, ultrasonic
Mechanical cleaning of the face (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 90 min. 40
Ultrasonic facial cleansing (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 90 min. 40
Combined facial cleansing (mechanical + ultrasonic ) 120 min. 50
Complex facial treatments, neck and décolleté with Israeli cosmetics: Holy Land, Renyu and Christina
Cream mask (face) 15 min. 8
Cream mask (face + neck) 20 min. 10
Cream mask (face + neck + neckline) 25 min. 12
Alginate mask (face) 15 min. 15
Alginate mask (face + neck) 20 min. 17
Alginate mask (face + neck + neckline) 25 min. 19
Skin care around the eyes (peeling + mask + cream) 30 min. 20
Express facial treatment: (peeling + mask + cream) 45 min. 30
Energy, antioxidant treatment with active vitamin C 60 min. 40
Lifting care for dry, fat, dehydrated skin 60 min. 40
Lifting care with glycolic acid and retinol. 60 min. 40
Comprehensive care for combination and oily skin with enlarged pores. 60 min. 40
Comodex active complex - treatment of problematic oily skin, post- acne, acne scars. 75 min. 50
Facial peelings, neck and décolleté
Enzyme peel — anti-imperfections, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 45 min. 30
Glycolic peeling is a technique for removing dead skin cells. 60 min. 50
Azelaine peeling - removal of the top layers for oily skin 60 min. 50
Almond peeling — the fight against skin blemishes, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 60 min. 50
Salicylic peels — age hyperkeratosis, acne scars, oily skin, post-acne 60 min. 50
Medium peeling Cama - deep penetration into the epidermis layer. 60 min. 70
Coral peeling Rose de Mer - natural medium peeling with coral chips 80 min. 70
Retinoidy peeling (yellow peeling) age hyperkeratosis, acne scars, oily skin, post-acne 90 min. 80

Problematic facial skin can cause numerous complexes and self-doubt.. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can get rid of acne using modern and safe procedures. Careful care combined with effective therapy can work real miracles!

Treatment for oily facial skin at the Grail salon

Skin healing: Effective methods

There are many methods in cosmetology to effectively solve this problem.. They are all safe, however, they require prior consultation with a specialist. Improvement of oily facial skin is carried out using:

  • Ozone therapies. Ozone injections are administered over several sessions, eliminate acne, scars, fight fat.
  • Peels. Renewal and rejuvenation of the skin is achieved by removing the surface layer. Mild products based on salicylic acid disinfect the surface and prevent the development of new inflammations.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning. Effective cellular massage triggers epidermal renewal.
  • Phototherapy. This method of hardware cosmetology is one of the most effective.
Treatment for oily skin at the Grail salon

What are the advantages of treating problem skin and acne in the El grial salon??

  • Wide range of programs - procedures for getting rid of fat, acne and scars.
  • Personal approach - treatment methods for problem skin with acne are selected individually.
  • Effective impact - the effect of the procedures lasts for a long time.
  • Comfort for the patient - you will not experience any discomfort.
  • Optimal prices - treatment of problem skin will cost less, than in other salons of the same level.