Sugar hair removal, wax.

A modern well-groomed woman uses absolute beauty standards. She will not tolerate the presence of unwanted hairs on her body., including intimate area.

Name of service Price, €.
Natural wax
Bikini line edge 20
Deep bikini 25
Legs up to the knee 20
Feet completely 30
Hip 15
Buttocks 15
Hands up to the elbow 15
Fully hand 25
Armpits 15
Upper lip 10
Chin 12
Upper lip + chin 20
On the temples 10
Sugaring (Áахар-ARAVIA)
Bikini line edge 25
Deep bikini 30
Legs up to the knee 25
Feet completely 35
Hip 25
Buttocks 20
Hands up to the elbow 20
Fully hand 30
Armpits 15
Upper lip 12
Chin 15
Upper lip + chin 25
On the temples 12

Waxing or "vaxing" – a well-known salon hair removal procedure. It provides short-term relief from excess vegetation, which allows a woman to be confident.

One of the new ones, popular types of depilation - sugaring. A sugar composition prepared in a special way is used as a means to remove excess hair.. This fashionable and effective method provides 100% results for three weeks.

Skilled, high-quality and safe sugaring in Alicante is an affordable position in the extensive range of cosmetology services of the El grial salon beauty salon. Master cosmetologists guarantee painless and comfortable performance of these body care procedures.

Along with waxing and sugar depilation – The latest Israeli absolutely painless photoepilation is also in great demand !..