Sugaring: hair depilation with sugar

One of the most modern and effective procedures in the field of hair removal is sugaring - hair removal with sugar.. With its help you can get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body.. Compared to mechanical depilatories and waxing, the method is practically painless and has no side effects..

Sugaring - depilation with sugar in the beauty salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Price, €.
Natural wax
Bikini line edge 20
Deep bikini 25
Legs up to the knee 20
Feet completely 30
Hip 15
Buttocks 15
Hands up to the elbow 15
Fully hand 25
Armpits 15
Upper lip 10
Chin 12
Upper lip + chin 20
On the temples 10
Sugaring (Áахар-ARAVIA)
Bikini line edge 25
Deep bikini 30
Legs up to the knee 25
Feet completely 35
Hip 25
Buttocks 20
Hands up to the elbow 20
Fully hand 30
Armpits 15
Upper lip 12
Chin 15
Upper lip + chin 25
On the temples 12

The price of sugaring depends on, what area of ​​the body or face is treated. Usually, the cost of the service is acceptable for a wide category of clients. The procedure is performed using professional ARAVIA brand sugar paste. The product contains natural fructose, glucose and water. Dyes, There are no preservatives or harmful chemical compounds among the ingredients.

Hair removal with sugar at the Grail beauty salon

The paste softens the hair roots and gently removes them along with the keratinized top layer of skin. As a result, the skin becomes perfectly smooth, the effect lasts for several weeks.

Depilation with sugar: Features of ARAVIA sugar paste

Hair removal with ARAVIA sugar paste has the following advantages:

  • is safe and hygienic;
  • suitable for body and face;
  • does not cause pain, burns and allergic reactions;
  • demonstrates long-term effect (hair does not grow for about three weeks) eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs;
  • provides gentle skin care.

Sugaring can be used to remove hairs up to 5 mm. With regular use, the hairs become thinner and sparser each time.. Contraindications are diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and skin damage in the area of ​​intended treatment. After the procedure, you should refrain from sunbathing and sports activities for several days..