Cocktail make-up

Beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante offers a range of services to transform your appearance. Here you can order professional cocktail makeup: fashion ideas and current shades.

Cocktail makeup at the Grail salon

Any party or special event requires the creation of a special image, sometimes thematic. This could be a presentation, corporate party, exhibition, premiere of a play or movie.

Name of service Price, €.
Day makeup 50
Evening makeup 75
Wedding makeup 100

Makeup for a “late” evening out involves an expressive look, lush long eyelashes and juicy gloss on the lips.

Cocktail makeup for a brunette at the Grail salon

Cocktail makeup can be neutral or in a certain style (retro, grunge, glamour). It can be complex and multi-colored (using glitter, strass) or simple and quite modest (wide colored arrows, smoky eyes и т. p.), but not banal. Cocktail makeup can become a real work of art, because it opens up a wide range for experimenting with color palettes. Main requirements, required for color, — cleanliness, depth and richness. An informal cocktail party is a great occasion for mixing. And this doesn't just apply to drinks., but also makeup palettes. Therefore, your image will always be unexpected, interesting and memorable!

Cocktail makeup for blondes at the Grail salon

The beauty salon “El grial salon” uses various techniques for applying decorative cosmetics. Therefore, depending on the wishes of the client, the nature of his hairstyle and clothes, we will create a unique image for your event.