Baby massage

Children's massage promotes the normal physical and psycho-emotional development of the child. Qualified specialists invite you for treatments at the beauty salon “El grial salon”.

Children's massage in the Grail salon
Name of service Min. Price, €.
Relaxation massage body 60 40
Relax head massage + neck + face 30 20
Anti-cellulite massage shared (Course 10 procedures 350 Euro) 60 40
Plasticizing facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 150 Euro) 30 20
Lymphatic drainage facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Back massage (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Massage neck – neck area 30 20
Hand massage. Contracture of the shoulder and elbow 30 20
Foot massage lymphatic drainage. 45 30
Foot massage anticelulitni 45 30
Massage lumbar- sacral area 30 20
Lymphatic drainage massage total 60 40
Honey massage of the feet 45 30
Honey massage of the abdomen 30 20
Honey back massage 30 20
Honey massage of problem areas 30 20
Hot stone massage (Hot Stone) 60 40

Even healthy babies need a baby massage to strengthen their muscles., stimulating the immune system, development of fine motor skills, normalization of the central nervous system and prevention of many diseases. Healthy preschool children are recommended to undergo 3–4 procedural courses per year, if there are deviations - 8–10.

Children's massage at the Grail beauty salon

Indications for therapeutic baby massage include various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.:

  • dysplasia;
  • scoliosis;
  • torticollis;
  • flat feet;
  • distortion of the pelvic bones.

It is necessary for neurological pathologies and intestinal colic.

To avoid negative consequences, baby massage should be performed by a professional.

Execution technique

The classic procedure is performed using four basic techniques:

  • stroking;
  • rubbing;
  • discrepancies;
  • vibrations.

Stroking influences nerve receptors, located close to the surface of the skin. Gentle and light movements also help relax muscles and have a calming effect on hyperexcitable children..

Rubbing affects the deeper layers of the skin, and with the help of kneading and vibration, subcutaneous tissues and structures are worked out.

The procedure is carried out at a comfortable room temperature - 22–24 ° C, and also in good lighting. It does not require powders or lubricants.. Duration of one session: 5–7 minutes.

Baby massage has virtually no contraindications. The exception is acute inflammatory diseases and high body temperature..

Beauty salon "El grial salon" offers professional children's massage at the lowest price in Alicante. To make an appointment with a specialist, just send an online application. Specify, how much does baby massage cost, possible by phone, as well as on the website using a convenient feedback form.