The beauty salon "El grial salon" offers nail Alicante quality and safe materials. We inexpensively create a stylish and beautiful manicure, which will please you for a long time.

nail extensions
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Nail: Acrylic, Helem
Nail extension with tips – 1 tone 150 min. 40
Nail extension with tips – French 165 min. 45
Form nail extensions – 1 tone 165 min. 40
Form nail extensions – French 180 min. 45
Nail extension with design 180 min. 50
Nail correction (1 tone) 90 min. 30
Nail correction (French) 105 min. 35
Correction of one nail (1 tone) 15 min. 5
Correction of one nail (French) 15 min. 7
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing 30 min. 10
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing followed by building up 30 min. 0
Decorations (rhinestones), 1 PC. 15 min. 2

Nail extensions in Alicante are very popular. Really, beautiful manicure of optimal length, which wears well and does not require special care - this is the dream of all women. The service is in high demand in our salon. Clients appreciate high quality service, pleasant friendly atmosphere, professionalism of our specialists and affordable prices.

Nail extensions are classified simply: on types and forms. Each technology has its own characteristics and is good in its own way. Choosing a method, listen to the master's advice. He knows for sure, When can nails be extended using forms?, and when - exclusively on tips.

When doing nail extensions in Alicante, reflective gels and acrylic from trusted manufacturers are used. They allow you to simulate artificial nails, which are similar in elasticity to natural. Masters also use innovative technology - Calgel bioextension, which effectively lengthens and strengthens the nail plate. This is the thinnest extension, which is used all over the world. The gel is absolutely safe, because it consists of natural ingredients. In addition, it is reliably protected from mechanical damage and allows nails to breathe freely. The coating can be easily removed by dissolving.

nail extensions using tips

Nail extensions in the El grial salon in Alicante - a safe and comfortable procedure. Durable coating opens up wide possibilities for creating any design, including using a variety of decorations. Your manicure will look perfect.

Other benefits of nail extensions at El grial salon

The company "El grial salon" has created and successfully implements a loyalty program, which allows clients with different income levels to use our services. Regular promotions and discounts make our offers even more affordable. Each client receives a discount savings card upon their first visit, which makes it possible to save significantly.