Mirror manicure

Mirror manicure is spectacular nail art, which is hard to miss. Come to the beauty salon "El grial salon". Our craftsmen do not use varnish, and gel Polish, which has high strength and does not harm the nails.

Mirror manicure in the salon Grail

It is possible to perform as full cover, and French. The most popular color of this type of manicure — gold and silver. Especially interesting looks a combination of matte and glossy surface.

Name of service Price, €.
Manicure Ladies Lord
Classic manicure (manual processing of the nail and cuticle + cream) 15 20
Hardware manicure (hardware treatment of nails and cuticles + cream) 20 25
European manicure (the shape of the nail and the cuticle very disappointed + cream) 10 15
SPA manicure classic (manicure, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 25 30
SPA hardware manicure (manicure, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 30 35
SPA manicure European (manicure, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 20 25
The moon manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Mirror manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Ombre manicure (stretching color gel Polish, shellac) 25
The shellac, gel Polish (1 tone) 20
The shellac, gel Polish (French) 25
Strengthen nails + manicure – 1 tone 35
Strengthen nails + manicure French 40
Design 1 nail 5
Rhinestones, stickers, thermal film 1 nail 2
Removing gel Polish 10
Before coating – removing gel Polish, shellac 0
Repair 1 nail silk 5
Partial services at the nail parlour: Ladies Lord
The shape of the nails (create a form with a nail file) 5 10
Polishing nails 5 10
Massage of the hands in manicure 5 10
Paraffin treatment for hands 15 15
Hand mask for manicure 5 10
Exfoliation of the hands in manicure 5 10
Three-phase coating (base, lacquer, binder) 10
Hand cream 5
  • We offer mirror manicure, which will last on the nails without correction to 3 weeks.
  • When you first visit the salon you will receive a personal discount card with a funded system and initial discount 5 %.
  • Offer any design our craftsmen will make your nails flawless.
Mirror manicure in the beauty salon Grail

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