Eyelash extensions 4D volume

Beauty salon “El grial salon” offers to pay attention to appearance and highlight natural beauty. Experts perform 4D volume eyelash extensions – exceptional “Puppet volume” eyelashes, using only quality materials.

Наращивание ресниц Соболь"Кукольный объем" in the beauty salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Eyelash correction and coloring. Eyelash lamination and curling.
Laminating eyelashes + Botex + Staining + Curling eyelashes. 90 min. 50
Laminating eyelashes + Curling eyelashes. 60 min. 45
Botex for eyelashes (hydration + eyelash restoration 30 min. 25
Eyelash dyeing 30 min. 10
Eyelash extensions. Effects. Correction of extended eyelashes.
Removal of eyelash extensions without subsequent extensions 30 min. 9
Effects: Wet; Rays; Who; Bend L, M, U; Colored eyelashes 15 min. 4
Eyelash extensions “Natural volume” 120 min. 29
Eyelash extensions “Single volume” 120 min. 33
Eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” 120 min. 34
Eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” 120 min. 39
Eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” 120 min. 44
Eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” 120 min. 49
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 19
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 24
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 29
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 34
Eyebrow correction and coloring. Eyebrow lamination.
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) 15 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows dye 30 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows with Henna 45 min. 15
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 30 min. 20
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) 30 min. 15
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 60 min. 30
Eyebrow lamination + Correction + Staining 60 min. 40
Eyebrow lamination + Botex + Correction + Staining 75 min. 45

Guests of our salon enjoy using new eyelash extension technologies.. The technique involves gluing artificial eyelash hairs on top of natural eyelashes using special glue.. Depending on the thickness of the eyelashes used, masters conditionally divide such procedures into several types..

Eyelash extensions 4D volume - helps to get maximum volume of eyelashes “Puppet volume”. Diameter of eyelash extensions - 0,21-0,3 mm. They're fat, elastic, bright, however, last less, than 2D volume and 3D volume, and are suitable for owners of naturally strong and thick eyelashes.

Sable eyelash extensions at the Grail salon

Those wishing to increase the length and thickness of eyelashes should be aware of the restrictions for such a procedure.:

  • allergy;
  • chronic conjunctivitis;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin of the eyelids;
  • thin and weakened eyelashes;
  • increased lacrimation;
  • excessively oily eyelid skin.

Benefits of eyelash extensions, including. according to the 4D volume method, are:

  • saving time on makeup and money on buying mascara;
  • comfort during sports, swimming, and also during rest (no need to worry about the safety of your makeup);
  • Possibility to choose eyelashes of different colors.

Clients of the beauty salon “El grial salon” use the help of experienced professionals in selecting the optimal extension method and suitable materials. The favorable prices and good quality of service were appreciated by the residents of Alicante.