Laser hair removal face

Strive for modern beauty ideals, but unwanted hairs spoil the whole picture? Laser facial hair removal procedure solves this problem.. She is disease-free, occurs without damaging the skin and eliminates allergic reactions.

Name of service Price, €.
Face completely 30
Neck female. 20
Deep bikini 50
Regional bikini line 30
Fully hand 50
Hands up to the elbow 30
Hands above the elbow 30
Feet completely 80
Shin 50
Hip 50
Buttocks 40
Strip belly 15
Armpits 25
Cheeks 20
Upper lip, tall (both), chin, the wings of the nose, forehead, ears, mammary glands. 15
Neck (male) 25
Male chin 35
Back 70
Removing pigmentation on the face and body (1 overlay) 20
Pigmentation removal (face completely) 50
Removing rosacea (1 overlay) 20
Removing rosacea (face completely) 50

Dark facial hair in women is a common problem.. It may be genetically determined, and associated with hormonal disorders. In just a few sessions of laser facial hair removal you can remove unwanted hairs on the chin, cheeks, above the upper lip. The procedure is also popular among men. Especially among those, who suffers from ingrown hairs and severe irritation after shaving.

Powerful and safe laser devices are used in cosmetology, which after the first session eliminate 15–40 % unwanted hair. To completely eliminate the problem, 6–10 procedures are required.

During the session, laser energy is absorbed by the hair shaft, which heats up, and this heat reaches the bulb. As a result of thermal exposure, the follicle and the vessels feeding it are destroyed. Hair no longer grows from the follicle.

Laser hair removal face: contraindications

  • pregnancy, breastfeeding period;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • skin diseases (herpes, eczema, psoriasis);
  • oncopathology.

Two weeks before the procedure you should not pluck your hair., sunbathe, take medications with photosensitizing properties. Do not wipe your skin with alcohol for three days before and after the session..

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