Plasticizing facial massage

Plasticizing facial massage is the most effective non-injection and non-surgical method of combating facial aging. The beauty salon “El grial salon” invites you to take a course of procedures..

Plasticizing facial massage in the beauty salon "GRAIL".
Name of service Min. Price, €.
Relaxation massage body 60 40
Relax head massage + neck + face 30 20
Anti-cellulite massage shared (Course 10 procedures 350 Euro) 60 40
Plasticizing facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 150 Euro) 30 20
Lymphatic drainage facial massage + neck + neckline (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Back massage (Course 10 procedures 250 Euro) 45 30
Massage neck – neck area 30 20
Hand massage. Contracture of the shoulder and elbow 30 20
Foot massage lymphatic drainage. 45 30
Foot massage anticelulitni 45 30
Massage lumbar- sacral area 30 20
Lymphatic drainage massage total 60 40
Honey massage of the feet 45 30
Honey massage of the abdomen 30 20
Honey back massage 30 20
Honey massage of problem areas 30 20
Hot stone massage (Hot Stone) 60 40

After the first session, the oval frame becomes stronger, swelling decreases, small wrinkles are smoothed out. By stimulating blood circulation, the appearance of the skin improves.

The effect of non-surgical face lift as a result of plasticizing (or sculptural) massage is determined by the peculiarities of the technique of performing the procedure. The impact is not only on superficial, but also to the deeper layers of the skin, as well as subcutaneous fat, muscle tissue, blood vessels and lymphatic channels.

Plasticizing massage in the beauty salon "GRAIL".

Rhythmic, intense and at the same time smooth movements of the massage therapist are directed strictly along the massage lines. Unlike traditional massage, plasticizing is performed using vibrating, fixing and pressing techniques, In this case, stretching of the skin is excluded.

Plasticizing massage is recommended after age 30 years with decreased tone and sagging skin. A course of 10–20 procedures allows you to achieve a pronounced rejuvenating effect and significantly slow down the natural aging process. You can get it done at a good price in Alicante in the beauty salon “El grial salon”.