Eyelash extensions 3D volume.

Masters of the beauty salon “El grial salon” professionally carry out 3D volume eyelash extensions using modern reliable materials.

Silk 3-D eyelash extensions in the beauty salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Eyelash correction and coloring. Eyelash lamination and curling.
Laminating eyelashes + Botex + Staining + Curling eyelashes. 90 min. 50
Laminating eyelashes + Curling eyelashes. 60 min. 45
Botex for eyelashes (hydration + eyelash restoration 30 min. 25
Eyelash dyeing 30 min. 10
Eyelash extensions. Effects. Correction of extended eyelashes.
Removal of eyelash extensions without subsequent extensions 30 min. 9
Effects: Wet; Rays; Who; Bend L, M, U; Colored eyelashes 15 min. 4
Eyelash extensions “Natural volume” 120 min. 29
Eyelash extensions “Single volume” 120 min. 33
Eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” 120 min. 34
Eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” 120 min. 39
Eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” 120 min. 44
Eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” 120 min. 49
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 19
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 24
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 29
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 34
Eyebrow correction and coloring. Eyebrow lamination.
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) 15 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows dye 30 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows with Henna 45 min. 15
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 30 min. 20
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) 30 min. 15
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 60 min. 30
Eyebrow lamination + Correction + Staining 60 min. 40
Eyebrow lamination + Botex + Correction + Staining 75 min. 45

3D eyelash extensions appeared relatively recently. This procedure creates volume by attaching three artificial eyelashes to each natural eyelash.. Silk eyelashes are used as material.. This is a thin and lightweight material made from synthetic components., which allows you to create sufficient visual volume. According to the client's wishes, craftsmen select the appropriate bend, length and thickness of false eyelashes.

Silk 3D eyelash extensions at the Grail salon

Why aren't eyelashes made from real fur??

Every Name of False Eyelashes (silk, sable, mink) indicates the type of finished material. Synthetic components are used as a basis. Many can decide, that using natural hair will give the best effect. However, there are some nuances:

  • natural fur can cause an allergic reaction. Due to the impossibility of thorough treatment, hairs can cause infection.;
  • It is impossible to create material from ordinary fur, resembling an eyelash in shape and curve.

3D eyelash extensions. Volume matters.

If you want to create a spectacular, memorable image, give preference to this type, how to do 3D volume eyelash extensions. Silk eyelashes are thick 0,1-0,15 mm. The hair was called that, because they are characterized by lightness and brilliance, which are inherent in silk. Eyelashes are a little stiffer and thicker, than mink, this helps to achieve the effect of painted eyes. Maximum bright look. Three artificial eyelashes are glued to each natural eyelash., which creates a 3D effect. If you want thick, bright black eyelashes, then you need to use this option.

Salon masters are ready to help with this. Professionalism and experience guarantee results, which will surprise you too, and those around. Create bright images with us.