Coloring eyebrows

The expressiveness of the eyebrows significantly affects the perception of the face. The procedure for tinting eyebrows with professional dyes or natural henna at a competitive price is offered by the beauty salon “El grial salon” in Alicante.

Eyebrow tinting at Grail salon.
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Eyelash correction and coloring. Eyelash lamination and curling.
Laminating eyelashes + Botex + Staining + Curling eyelashes. 90 min. 50
Laminating eyelashes + Curling eyelashes. 60 min. 45
Botex for eyelashes (hydration + eyelash restoration 30 min. 25
Eyelash dyeing 30 min. 10
Eyelash extensions. Effects. Correction of extended eyelashes.
Removal of eyelash extensions without subsequent extensions 30 min. 9
Effects: Wet; Rays; Who; Bend L, M, U; Colored eyelashes 15 min. 4
Eyelash extensions “Natural volume” 120 min. 29
Eyelash extensions “Single volume” 120 min. 33
Eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” 120 min. 34
Eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” 120 min. 39
Eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” 120 min. 44
Eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” 120 min. 49
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 2-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 19
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 3-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 24
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 4-D” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 29
Correction of eyelash extensions “Volume 5-8.D”” (from 2 to 3 weeks) 60 min. 34
Eyebrow correction and coloring. Eyebrow lamination.
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) 15 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows dye 30 min. 10
Coloring eyebrows with Henna 45 min. 15
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 30 min. 20
Eyebrow shaping (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) 30 min. 15
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + coloring with Paint 45 min. 25
Eyebrow architecture (tweezers, wax) + Henna staining 60 min. 30
Eyebrow lamination + Correction + Staining 60 min. 40
Eyebrow lamination + Botex + Correction + Staining 75 min. 45

Correctly selected tone visually corrects imperfections, harmoniously emphasizes the eyebrow line, advantages of oval face, eye color and shape.

Select and apply the desired shade at home, without relevant experience, almost impossible. Errors made as a result of experiments with color emphasize existing defects in appearance and disrupt the symmetry of the face.

The procedure of eyebrow tinting in the salon has a predictable result and will save your time.. Professional application of the tinting composition allows you to evenly color the hairs along their entire length.

Eyebrow tinting with henna at the Grail salon

Benefits of eyebrow tinting at the beauty salon "El grial salon":

  • Specialists work with henna and professional dyes, which do not cause allergic reactions even with sensitive skin.
  • Deep penetration into the keratin layer allows you to effectively cover gray hair.
  • Special mixing technologies are used to obtain perfectly matching eyebrow shades.
  • Caring components in tinting compositions do not damage the hair structure, give them a healthy and well-groomed appearance.
  • The combination of professional pigments and the use of modern technologies for their application allows you to maintain the result up to 6 weeks.
  • It is possible to color not only light eyebrows, but also brightening the dark.
  • The resulting color exactly matches the chosen one.
  • The coloring technique can be used to change the color of the mustache, beard, sideburns for men.