Strengthen nails

The condition of nails – a kind of calling card of the modern man. Professional care, aimed at improving and strengthening nails, offers the beauty salon "El Grial" in Alicante.

strengthening nails
Name of service Price, €.
Manicure Gen. Husband
Classic manicure (manual processing of the nail and cuticle + cream) 15 20
Hardware manicure (hardware treatment of nails and cuticles + cream) 15 20
European manicure (the shape of the nail and the cuticle very disappointed + cream) 15 15
SPA hardware manicure (manicure, peeling, mask, massage brushes) 30 35
Thermo mittens for hands + Paraffin 15 20
The moon manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Mirror manicure (the gel Polish, shellac) 25
Ombre manicure (stretching color gel Polish, shellac) 25
Manicure + gel coating–lacquer (1 tone) 25
Manicure + gel coating–FRENCH varnish 30
The shellac, gel Polish (1 tone) 15
The shellac, gel Polish (French) 20
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel 25
Nail strengthening Acrigel/gel (French) 30
Strengthen nails + manicure (1 tone) 35
Strengthen nails + manicure (French) 40
Design 1 nail 2
Rhinestones, stickers, thermal film 1 nail 2
Removing gel Polish 10
Before coating – removing gel Polish, shellac 0
Repair 1 nail silk 5
Partial services at the nail parlour: Gen. Husband.
The shape of the nails (create a form with a nail file) 5 10
Polishing nails 5 10
Massage of the hands in manicure 5 10
Paraffin treatment for hands 15 20
Hand mask for manicure 5 10
Exfoliation of the hands in manicure 5 10
Three-phase coating (base, lacquer, binder) 10
Hand cream 5

Weak and peeling nails, especially after the extension procedure, need restoration and strengthening. The mineral sealing technique demonstrates good results.

strengthening nails

Special nutritional compositions based on wax and natural ingredients are applied layer by layer to the nail plate. The procedure helps nourish and moisturize the nail plate, stimulates its growth.

Strengthening nails with biogel prevents their delamination, promotes regeneration, gives an impressive and well-groomed look. A solution of 50% consists of plant proteins from teak wood, as well as calcium, due to which it effectively nourishes and moisturizes the keratin plate.

The beauty salon “El grial salon” uses professional compounds with proven effectiveness to strengthen nails.