Rejuvenating facial

Professional anti-aging facial with the use of enzymes, retinol, glycolic and phytic acid, for Mature, combined, dehydrated, oily and dry skin with enlarged pores or signs of photoaging:

  • prevention and elimination of facial wrinkles;
  • alignment skin relief;
  • restoration of microcirculation and metabolic processes;
  • the normalization of the hydro-lipid balance;
  • lifting.
A rejuvenating facial in the salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Mechanical cleaning of the face, ultrasonic
Mechanical cleaning of the face (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 90 min. 40
Ultrasonic facial cleansing (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 90 min. 40
Combined facial cleansing (mechanical + ultrasonic ) 120 min. 50
Complex facial treatments, neck and décolleté with Israeli cosmetics: Holy Land, Renyu and Christina
Cream mask (face) 15 min. 8
Cream mask (face + neck) 20 min. 10
Cream mask (face + neck + neckline) 25 min. 12
Alginate mask (face) 15 min. 15
Alginate mask (face + neck) 20 min. 17
Alginate mask (face + neck + neckline) 25 min. 19
Skin care around the eyes (peeling + mask + cream) 30 min. 20
Express facial treatment: (peeling + mask + cream) 45 min. 30
Energy, antioxidant treatment with active vitamin C 60 min. 40
Lifting care for dry, fat, dehydrated skin 60 min. 40
Lifting care with glycolic acid and retinol. 60 min. 40
Comprehensive care for combination and oily skin with enlarged pores. 60 min. 40
Comodex active complex - treatment of problematic oily skin, post- acne, acne scars. 75 min. 50
Facial peelings, neck and décolleté
Enzyme peel — anti-imperfections, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 45 min. 30
Glycolic peeling is a technique for removing dead skin cells. 60 min. 50
Azelaine peeling - removal of the top layers for oily skin 60 min. 50
Almond peeling — the fight against skin blemishes, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 60 min. 50
Salicylic peels — age hyperkeratosis, acne scars, oily skin, post-acne 60 min. 50
Medium peeling Cama - deep penetration into the epidermis layer. 60 min. 70
Coral peeling Rose de Mer - natural medium peeling with coral chips 80 min. 70
Retinoidy peeling (yellow peeling) age hyperkeratosis, acne scars, oily skin, post-acne 90 min. 80

Rejuvenating facial peeling care:

  • provides visible lifting effect;
  • reduces wrinkles;
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • improves texture and color;
  • removes damaged and dead cells;
  • normalizes blood flow and oxygen supply to tissues.

The Forever Young Procedure:

  • smoothes fine and coarse wrinkles;
  • stimulates the regeneration and growth of epidermal cells;
  • improves skin density and improves texture;
  • moisturizes;
  • strengthens elastin fibers and collagen;
  • improves microcirculation;
  • evens skin tone.

Antioxidant anti-stress-program with active vitamin C:

  • stimulates the production of collagen and elastin;
  • improves elasticity and skin tone;
  • saturates it with energy;
  • activates regeneration processes;
  • improves texture and color;
  • neutralizes destructive free radicals.

Rejuvenating facial Chateau de Beaute is a technologically advanced version of the wine SPA-therapy and, according to experts, opens a new era in the field of professional cosmetology. Products of the line contain pure natural ingredients and scientifically developed components, this property shows impressive results.