Tattoo. Artistic tattoo.

Art-Tattoo studio in the beauty salon "El Grial" in Alicante invites you to a procedure: Tattoo. Artistic tattoo. Our specialists use only disposable products and professional materials. They constantly monitor new trends and offer a wide variety of modern tattoo styles..

Artistic tattoo in a beauty salon Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Artistic tattoo (any style) 60 min. 25
Eyebrow micropigmentation (permanent makeup: powder technique) 120 min. 120
Eye micropigmentation: Arrows with shading. Interciliary space (permanent makeup) 120 min. 120
Lip micropigmentation: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Micropigmentation of breast areolas: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Permanent makeup correction: micropigmentation later 4-6 weeks 60 min. 50
Removing permanent makeup with neodymium laser. 30 min. 50
Advice 30 min. FREE

What we do?

At a high professional level, our tattoo artists perform color and monochrome artistic tattoos in the following styles, as: New School, Old School, Linework, Blackwork, Dotwork, Graphics, Watercolor, Chicano, Viking tattoo, Mini tattoo, Realism and others. It can be: hieroglyphs, various inscriptions, figures and symbols, and also animals, birds, lizards, fish, butterflies or any other images you choose, that will highlight your individuality.

The price of an artistic tattoo depends on the size of the chosen design and the duration of its execution.. Mandatory tattoo correction is already included in the cost of the artist’s work..

How long does it take to get a tattoo??

Tattoo. A small-sized artistic tattoo, including preparation, usually takes up to 2 hours. The larger one is applied in several sessions.. Complete healing occurs within two weeks. Sensitive zones of master handles anesthetic gel.

So that your new artistic tattoo retains the clarity of the lines and the brightness of the colors during healing, important care instructions must be followed! A fresh drawing should not be wetted for 5 days, Do not sunbathe or visit a solarium. For fast healing of tattoos, during the first 5 days, it is necessary to use a special protective healing film, and then, until complete healing – healing ointment.


  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the blood, including Oncology;

Tattoo. Artistic tattoo. Advantages of our salon

  • Safety is key for us! The entire procedure is performed with disposable consumables and durable hypoallergenic pigments.
  • Modern equipment. High-quality tattoo machines and proven pigments allow you to perform clear lines and shading quickly and painlessly.
  • We help turn your idea or fantasy into a real image. We invite you to a free consultation to develop a sketch.
  • The sketch is discussed with the customer down to the last detail. We know, how important a tattoo for a client, therefore customized for a perfect result.
  • Exclusive drawings. They exist in a single copy and only for you!

Call and sign up for a free consultation for the Tattoo procedure. Artistic tattoo. Our tattoo studio is open seven days a week.. Each client is given a personal discount card with an initial discount 5% and a cumulative bonus system.