Nail modeling involves building up and strengthening the nail plate, correcting its form. Due to this, the shape of the fingers is even visually corrected.. Artificial nails modeled according to all the rules look luxurious and do not require complex care.

Popular trends for today - elegant jacket with a white stripe along the edge, aquarium design, crystal effect, imitation of classic plain varnish.

Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Nail: Acrylic, Helem
Nail extension with tips – 1 tone 150 min. 40
Nail extension with tips – French 165 min. 45
Form nail extensions – 1 tone 165 min. 40
Form nail extensions – French 180 min. 45
Nail extension with design 180 min. 50
Nail correction (1 tone) 90 min. 30
Nail correction (French) 105 min. 35
Correction of one nail (1 tone) 15 min. 5
Correction of one nail (French) 15 min. 7
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing 30 min. 10
Removing acrylic or gel nails + polishing followed by building up 30 min. 0
Decorations (rhinestones), 1 PC. 15 min. 2

Bio-gel – super fine nail modeling.

Professional nail modeling has today become a priority way of hand care for girls, who appreciate beauty and strive to improve themselves! And the most interesting thing is, that the natural nail under the artificial plate becomes stronger and healthier!

Contact the beauty salon "El Grial" in Alicante, where nail extensions and modeling are professionally performed, their correction and modern design at affordable prices.