Hairstyles for prom

Graduation in nursery, kindergarten, junior, average, senior classes are celebrated in all regions of our country. These holidays are always remembered, in photos and videos. Take advantage of the services of the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante, to create the perfect prom hairstyles.

hairstyles for prom at the beauty salon "GRAIL"
Name of service Price, €.
Childrens haircuts: Girls under 8 years
Correction bangs 3
Haircut (one length) 7
Haircut (short hair) 7
Haircut (medium hair) 10
Haircut (long hair) 13
Evening hairstyle 20
Evening hairstyle (from 40 cm) 30
Wrapping the hair on the tongs
short hair 10
medium hair 13
long hair 15
Netting 1 ear 5
Rhinestones (6PCs) 5
Childrens haircuts: Boys to 8 years
The haircut 1 the nozzle 10
Haircut two nozzles 10
Haircut model 15
Creative cutting 15
Edging 5
Pattern 2

Prom hairstyles for girls: options

The girls in the nursery, In kindergarten and elementary grades, hair is most often of medium and short length. It's convenient and practical. At the graduation square, Bob, the cap can be stowed in the salon, decorate with headbands, tiara, artificial strands. Braiding looks good on short to medium length hair. If your hair is long, this allows you to make a hairstyle for a girl for prom in the evening, romantic, creative style.

Hairstyle for prom at the beauty salon "GRAIL"

Masters most often offer high hairstyles to middle and high school students., bundles with curls, classic and elegant hairstyles with curls, all kinds of braids and various weavings, shell, curls.

If you want to achieve the perfect prom look for your little girl., then all the details (including hairstyle) need to think about it in advance. Choose a prom dress, accessories for it, please clarify, where and in what format will the event take place?. Discuss all the details with the salon master.

A girl's hairstyle for prom depends on your wishes., baby hair, face type, figures, outfit. Certainly, ask your daughter, how she imagines her image at the holiday. Sometimes it’s worth practicing and giving a girl a trial version of her prom hairstyle.. In this case, you will be able to know exactly in advance, that all details are taken into account and there will be no disappointments.