Enzyme peeling

Enzyme peel at the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante is the latest technology and best products to rejuvenate and renew the skin. Find out the cost of the procedure the consultants.

Enzyme peeling inside the Grail
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Facial peeling
Mechanical cleaning of the face (make-up remover+cleansing+mask+cream) 60 min. 40
Enzyme peel — anti-imperfections, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 45 min. 30
Glycolic peeling is a technique for removing dead skin cells. 60 min. 50
Azelaine peeling; removing top layers for oily skin 60 min. 50
Almond peeling — the fight against skin blemishes, rashes, fine lines, pigmentation 60 min. 50
Salicylic peels — age hyperkeratosis, post-acne scars, oily skin, acne 60 min. 50
Median peeling; almost complete removal of the epidermis layer 60 min. 70
Coral peeling - a gentle mechanical procedure 80 min. 70
Retinoidy peeling (yellow peeling) age hyperkeratosis, postpreview scars, oily skin, acne 90 min. 80

Enzyme or enzymatic peeling method of removing the upper layer of the epidermis. He refers to the gentle methods of influence. As active substances used enzymes. Peculiarities of the procedure make it suitable for use on all types of skin, including in the presence of couperose and rosacea.

In the salons of the enzyme peeling is carried out for:

  • cleansing from protein contaminants;
  • remove the upper dead cells;
  • the skin from the products of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

The procedure is suitable for young, and for aging skin. In the first case it helps to cleanse, moisturizing and improving the protective functions. The second stimulates, returns tone, smoothes and color.

To do the enzyme peel in the cabin Grail

The result of enzymatic peeling are:

  • polishing;
  • smoothing;
  • the return of a healthy color and Shine.

Enzyme peeling is carried out in salons and is the most gentle procedure, after him there is no peeling and inflammation. Recovery is also not required. The method is suitable even for sensitive skin, and to combat hyperpigmentation.

Inexpensive enzymatic peeling inside the Grail

Enzyme peeling: Testimony

Enzymatic care are shown in the following cases:

  • pigmentation;
  • acne and its implications;
  • small surface wrinkles;
  • clogged pores;
  • dull and uneven skin;
  • decreased tone of the skin;
  • preparation for others, more complex procedures;
  • strong pollution of the skin;
  • the effects of insolation with the signs of aging.

In salon "El grial salon" enzymatic peeling carry out the high-level cosmetologists. They use the latest equipment and advanced enzyme formulations for cleansing the face.