Tongue piercing

Beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante offers ample opportunities to create a unique look. Tongue piercing is a popular service among young and middle-aged people. The procedure, performed according to all the rules, has no side effects..

Tongue piercing in the Grail salon
Name of service Price, RUB.
Replacement earrings – Replacing earrings 10
Eyebrow piercing – Eyebrow piercing 15
Lip piercing – Lip piercing 15
Catheter piercing without earring (secondary) – Piercing with catheter without earring (secondary) 10
Nose piercing (catheter) – Nose piercing (catheter) 15
Nose piercing (with a pistol) – Nose piercing (pistol) 10
Navel piercing – Navel piercing 15
Piercing septum – Piercing septum 15
Ear piercing 1 ear (piss) – ear piercing 1 ear (lobe) 10
Ear piercing 2 ear (piss) – Ear piercing 2 ears (lobe)/td> 15
Industrial ear piercing 1 ear – Industrial ear piercing 1 ear 25
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (catheter) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (catheter) 20
Cartilage piercings 1 ear (a gun) – cartilage piercing 1 ear (pistol) 15
Tongue piercing – Tongue piercing 15

The puncture during piercing is performed strictly vertically, in the middle of the tongue, stepping back from the edge by 12–15 mm, So, so that when wearing a standard barbell, the lower ball does not put pressure on
hyoid frenulum. After this, taste sensations may disappear for some time., but over time they recover. The situation with diction is similar - you need to get used to decoration.

Tongue piercing in the Grail salon

Tongue piercing is performed with a special needle under strictly sterile conditions.. The piercing takes about 3–6 weeks to heal.

Who should not have a tongue piercing??

The procedure is not performed in such conditions, as:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • allergies to painkillers;
  • exacerbation of chronic somatic diseases;
  • infection (hepatitis, HIV, sepsis);
  • diabetes mellitus, etc..

During 4 You should refrain from eating for hours after tongue piercing, drinking, smoking, alcohol. During the first 24 hours, you should frequently rinse your mouth with an antiseptic.. Take food cold. During the healing period, it is recommended to follow a gentle diet, non-irritating to the oral cavity, give up spicy food, salty, hot, coloring drinks, alcohol. Through 10 days after tongue piercing, you can replace the temporary barbell with permanent jewelry.

In the beauty salon "El grial salon" in Alicante, the procedure is performed by experienced specialists. Our clients get tongue piercings comfortably, the puncture is performed under anesthesia using sterile instruments - smoothly and without the risk of touching nerve endings and blood vessels.