Diamond skin polishing

In the beauty salon “El grial salon” you can perform the procedure of diamond skin resurfacing. It will even out the surface texture of the face., makes him younger and more beautiful.

Diamond skin resurfacing at the Grail salon
Name of service Time, min. Price, €.
Mechanical cleaning of the face, ultrasonic
Mechanical cleaning of the face (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 75 min. 40
Ultrasonic facial cleansing (makeup remover + cleaning + mask + cream) 75 min. 40
Combined facial cleansing (mechanical + ultrasonic) 90 min. 50
Microdermabrasion: Diamond skin polishing (makeup remover + peeling + cream). 45 min. 30
Microcurrent drainage (mittens): Skin lifting, facelift, lymph drainage, facial massage. 30 min. 15
Microcurrents of the face, neck, neckline (electrodes): Skin lifting, facelift, lymph drainage, massage. 45 min. 30
Facial myostimulation (electrodes): Skin lifting, facelift, restoration of muscle tone. 45 min. 30
Carboxytherapy. Stimulation of skin regeneration - CO2 hydrocomplex 60 min. 40
Phonophoresis: Saturation of the skin with nourishing ingredients – ultrasonic electroporation. 45 min. 30
Intraceuticals rejuvenate facial: Saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid – ultrasonic electroporation. 45 min. 30
Oxygen mesotherapy facials: Saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid – under oxygen flow pressure. 45 min. 30

Diamond skin resurfacing is a type of microdermabrasion.. Its essence lies in hardware mechanical facial cleansing using special attachments with diamond microcrystals as an abrasive.. Thanks to their diversity, you can influence different areas of the face and body, including hard-to-reach areas around the nose and behind the ears. This gentle peeling effectively removes dead skin and does not cause harm even when used in the eye area, eyelids and breasts.

Diamond skin peeling at the Grail salon

The diamond skin grinding machine is equipped with a vacuum suction device, which during the procedure removes dust from skin microparticles and diamond crystals, preventing it from entering the respiratory tract. At the same time, gentle massage and lymphatic drainage of the underlying tissues are performed.. Already after the first session there is a noticeable improvement in the color and texture of the face. Diamond microdermabrasion helps eliminate wrinkles, age-related hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratosis, acne, black and white comedones, enlarged pores.

Duration of one session - from 30 to 60 minutes, a series of 4–20 treatments is usually recommended. Diamond skin resurfacing is painless, but experts warn about individual reactions in the form of itching or burning, which pass on their own. To reduce discomfort, the cosmetologist usually offers a soothing mask. An important advantage of diamond cleaning is the absence of peeling after it.. The use of cosmetics after such peeling gives a more pronounced effect.