Permanent makeup lips. Permanent lipstick.

"El Grial" beauty salon in Alicante invites you to a micropigmentation procedure - lip tattoo. The procedure allows you to hide some appearance flaws: age asymmetry, cool shade, lip disproportion, blurry outline. Lip micropigmentation is also used to prevent wrinkles around the mouth..

Lip tattoo at the Grail beauty salon
Name of service Price, €.
Artistic tattoo (any style) 60 min. 25
Eyebrow micropigmentation (permanent makeup: powder technique) 120 min. 120
Eye micropigmentation: Arrows with shading. Interciliary space (permanent makeup) 120 min. 120
Lip micropigmentation: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Micropigmentation of breast areolas: Contour. Feathering (permanent makeup: watercolor technique) 120 min. 120
Permanent makeup correction: micropigmentation later 4-6 weeks 60 min. 50
Removing permanent makeup with neodymium laser. 30 min. 50
Advice 30 min. FREE

Lip tattooing is the penetration of coloring pigment into the upper layers of the skin, which gives the effect of stylish decorative makeup. The color palette ranges from soft pink to brown, from bright red to carrot.

Permanent lip shading at the Grail salon

The cosmetic lip micropigmentation procedure is performed under local anesthesia using an effective liquid anesthetic, which is rubbed into the skin. This method of pain relief eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions and swelling., complicating the work of the master. Modern equipment is equipped with replaceable disposable modules, which ensure safety for the client’s health.

Permanent makeup lips: variety

Methods for cosmetic correction of lips are selected individually depending on the client’s wishes and the anatomical features of his face and skin type. Main types of permanent lip correction:

  • contour drawing of the lips (contour) - aimed at those with naturally beautiful lips. Using correction with pigments, close to natural lip color, their contour is softly emphasized;
  • contour with shading - this is outlining the shape of the lips with a shaded line, width no more 5 mm. At the client’s request, the most natural or darker color with a smooth transition to a lighter shade is selected;
  • full filling technique or permanent lipstick - designed to change your own lip color and visually increase their volume;
  • light kajal is an increase in the shape and volume of the lips by painting the skin above or below the lip.

Lip tattooing is an excellent alternative to decorative cosmetics. It helps women look younger and more attractive. At the same time, the cost of professional lip correction and modeling a beautiful contour in the El Grial beauty salon remains always affordable.