Permanent makeup

Every woman's dream — to be an attractive and irresistible, regardless of the circumstances. But how to keep makeup on the face in specific situations — while bathing in the sea, relax in the sauna or workout in the pool? Not all cosmetics will be kept active in water. We invite you to permanent makeup in the beauty salon "El grial salon". Our masters will highlight your personality.

Permanent makeup at beauty salon Grail
Name of service Price, €.
Татуировка художественная (любой стиль) 60 min. 25
Микропигментация бровей (permanent makeup: пудровая техника) 120 min. 120
Микропигментация глаз: Стрелки с растушевкой. Межресничное пространство (permanent makeup) 120 min. 120
Микропигментация губ: Contour. Растушевка (permanent makeup: акварельная техника) 120 min. 120
Микропигментация ареолов груди: Contour. Растушевка (permanent makeup: акварельная техника) 120 min. 120
Коррекция перманентного макияжа: микропигментация спустя 4-6 weeks 60 min. 50
Удаление перманентного макияжа неодимовым лазером. 30 min. 50
Advice 30 min. FREE

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup (or tattoo) — the invention of the last decades. It is conducted by professional beauticians using safe for skin cosmetics. Its essence will consist in drawing on eyebrows, lips or eyelashes special trains, resistant to water and not washable for a long time. The result is obvious: you look attractive always and never waste time applying makeup in the morning. Permanent makeup is convenient and modern.

Permanent makeup face in the beauty salon Grail

The benefits of professional permanent makeup

The technology of permanent makeup is based on the introduction into the subcutaneous layer of organic, safe for the health of the paint. On the treated skin area, the master applies a gel with analgesic effect, so no discomfort during the procedure, the patient is not experiencing.

The main advantages of permanent makeup

  • Maximum expressiveness. During the correction changes the color and shape of eyebrows and lips — they become more vivid and attractive.
  • Lasting effect. Makeup is not erased and is not washed off within a few years — you don't have to spend money on cosmetics, you will look irresistible at any time.
  • Professional paint. Its constituent organic dyes do not cause irritation to the skin.
  • Absolute safety. The procedure does not cause harm, has almost no contraindications.
  • Reasonable cost.