Evening hairstyle

Stylish, unusual and bewitching - evening hairstyle is an integral part, and sometimes the basis of a stunning image. Excellent specialists work in the El grial salon, great enthusiasts and masters in their field.

Evening hairstyle at the GRAAL salon
Name of service Price, €.
Evening style
Short hair 20
Medium hair 30
Long hair 40
Long (40cm. and more) 50
Wedding hairstyle
Short hair 70
Medium hair 90
Long hair 120
Long (40cm. and more + hair pieces) 150
Hairstyle trial 50
Wedding makeup 100
Evening makeup 75

We offer any options for evening hairstyles - everything to your taste and in accordance with your wishes. A master can recreate an exact likeness of a favorite actress’s hairstyle from a photograph or come up with something completely new: from elegant and timeless designs to vibrant avant-garde.

All the work of our specialists is strictly individual. We don't just create evening hairstyles ourselves, but we carefully build a harmonious and attractive image, which also takes into account facial features, and structure, hair color, and body features, and even your favorite colors in clothes. This allows the specialists of the El grial salon to create magnificent images, fully revealing the beauty of the client.

Working on an evening hairstyle in our salon includes or may include: long-term straightening, perm or styling, different types of weaving, hair extension, highlights, coloring and actual haircut.

Evening hairstyle in the beauty salon "GRAIL"

All evening hairstyles are done by the salon's masters using premium professional hairdressing products., effective and at the same time harmless to hair. Moreover, for each client a set of funds is selected individually, depending on color, hair structure and scalp type.

We offer the service of creating evening hairstyles for women, so do men.

Evening hairstyle: How to find us?

El grial salon is located in Alicante. A comfortable environment awaits you, careful and high-quality work of magnificent craftsmen, atmosphere of beauty and luxury.